Advancements in Breast Augmentation Are Good for the Future of the Procedure

For the last 50 years cosmetic breast implants were largely centered around one focus: to aide the breasts in appearing fuller. However, technology has continued to evolve and with it came the new advances in breast augmentation. In 2019, patients can look forward to a variety of changes in breasts enhancements, making it possible for patients to receive more natural results and for surgeons to uniquely tailor each implant to the individual’s body.

The process: Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel is known as the new device surgeons are utilizing for breast implants. As opposed to popular conventional methods employed over a decade ago, the Keller Funnel equips surgeons with the ability to insert implants without touching the breast tissue or ducts. In this sense, patients and surgeons alike, can significantly decrease the likelihood of transmitting infection. In addition, the device allows for a smaller incision, encouraging a quicker recovery time and a smaller scar in postoperative results.

The Breast Implants

‍The trending implants boast a new teardrop shape, a wider range of sizes, lighter implants and a comeback: saline. Surgeons have noted more and more patients requesting a more natural appearance, as opposed to solely focusing on larger breasts. a plastic surgeon in Chicago stated, "My patients have been requesting Kate Hudson's breasts quite a bit lately. It was a surprise at first," However, smaller than D-size breasts are not the only request patients are presenting with. The new anatomical implants are referred to as ‘tear shaped’, as they appear slightly fuller at the bottom compared to the top. Furthermore, the wider range in sizes and widths allows for surgeons to tailor to each individual’s body and cosmetic desires. With the return of saline implants, patients may also opt for , which weighs up to 30 percent less than the standard silicone implants.Accounting for over 350,000 procedures performed per year, breast enhancements continues to see growth in popularity within the medical aesthetics industry. The new advancements in surgical technology have allowed patients to reach their aesthetics goals with ease and supported surgeons in improving patient care.