Facebook Offers : Start Testing Them Now!

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Facebook Offers is a great way to run deals across Facebook to attract new customers to your medical spa. With more spa owners shunning Groupon, Facebook Offers is a great alternative to shop a deal to your existing client base as well as new ones.In order to run a Facebook Offer ad, you must have more than 50 fans. Sometimes, it takes a little more in our experience in running them. You will need to provide a discount or a freebie. In our tests, we have found that freebies work better than markdowns on treatments.


We have also found that Facebook Offers make more of an impact when they are run for a limited time. Highlight the expiration date and that you will be strict on the expiration date. Copy like this will make it seem even more like it's a real limited time offer that they must take advantage of.Combine seasonal copy with markdowns is a great way to generate a lot of responses. We also recommend initially limiting your target market to 10 miles. Don't be too aggressive at first. You want the people that claim the offers to actually come in and visit your medical spa. After you find out what deals tend to work, you can be more aggressive in your targeting options.A good target is to have at least 30 to 50 people claim your deal if you are in or near a major market. Remember you want volume as most will not visit unless you are offering a deep discount.A final recommendation is to plan at least three separate offers and run them within a span of three to five days concurrently. See how many people claim the offer and optimize from there.