'Latest in aesthetic breast enhancement gives new meaning to ‘try before you buy!’

There is a new treatment on the market that gives women a new pair of breasts for 24 hours! The treatment is called “Instabreast”, and claims to help women make a decision before an augmentation. The treatment is non-invasive and is performed by injecting a simple saline solution into the breasts. Once the saline is absorbed into the body it adds volume and plumps the breasts up to the woman's desired size.Dr. Norman says that he designed this treatment so that women can see what their body will look like before surgery. They will experience this for 24 hours and can judge whether or not to undergo a breast augmentation. By doing this treatment he alleges that women would not only visually see, but also experience what their potential breast augmentation would be like. That way they can accurately decide and make changes where needed.But the procedure can also be used for women who just want a little lift for a special event. Maybe you got a new dress that means you have to go bra-less and don’t want to deal with tape. Why not just make an appointment with Dr. Norman and get some extra fullness and lift? No surgery needed, just pop in and out within an hour with a brand new chest! However, despite the procedure being non-invasive, it does have a surgery cost. The cost for ‘Instabreast’ is about $2,500 which is quite a bit of money. However, most women end up loving their new chest so much they usually go through with the surgery.But how does this sound to you? Would any of you ladies out there try this procedure to enhance your chest for a little bit? Do you like the idea of ‘try-before-you-buy’, procedure before going through with the actual enhancement?I, personally think that the idea of the 24 hour ‘Instabreast’ is a cool idea.