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Aesthetic Laser Consultant: I have been an aesthetic medicine provider for over 16 years. My mission is to provide you a smooth transition into the exciting field of aesthetic medicine. With my training and expertise in this field I can help you avoid the many pitfalls I have made over the years. I want to share this knowledge with you so you can have a positive and rewarding experience in the growing field of aesthetic medicine. You will receive hands on training on a wide variety of laser systems to help you decide which laser system best fits your needs. You will learn and perform Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse , and Sculptra procedures. I can also assist you with marketing materials and provide website optimization tips that we have found to be very successful in our practices. More about perfect skin laser. Aesthetic Medicine Consultation: Are you one of the many physicians to experience declines in revenue as result of managed care and poor insurance reimbursement rates? The addition of aesthetic procedures into your existing practice can increase revenue significantly. In 2006 primary care physicians (general practitioners, ob/gyns, internist and others) accounted for over 30% of the aesthetic procedure volume. Now is the time for you to change your professional life. The most exciting thing is that I can help you start providing these treatments immediately. Advanced Dermal Filler and Botox Training Course Cost: 1 day $1750. 2 day $2500. 3 day $3500

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