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Revanesse Versa Marketing: Your Guide to Building a Versa Patient Base

In a market saturated with dermal fillers, Revanesse Versa is quickly making a name for itself. Patients are raving about Versa’s ability to tackle some of the deepest and hardest-to-treat facial wrinkles (like the nasolabial folds between the mouth and nose). Revanesse Versa also delivers great value for patients’ money because it’s results are longer-lasting than most other fillers.  And did we mention it produces significantly less swelling? 

In short, if your med spa has not yet dialed in on it's Revanesse Versa Marketing strategy, this is your sign to start now! With a targeted marketing strategy, Versa can become a core filler in your practice, boost your revenue, and help grow your practice. 

Your aim should be to educate and activate your current and prospective patient base about this exciting new (to the US) filler.  We’ll begin by talking about  Revanesse Versa's main selling points and then jump into the marketing arms that will help position this treatment for success at your med spa.

Revanesse Versa Marketing done right.
Featuring Revanesse Versa in YOUR Med Spa

In order to best market this filler, you should know a little about its background. Originating and gaining popularity in Canada, this popular filler then found success in Europe. 15 years later, Revanesse Versa became FDA-approved in the US in 2017 to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Patients who have experienced its youthful and restorative effects can attest it was worth the wait!

Your marketing should showcase Revanesse Versa’s amazing results, while also educating your patients on how this filler works. For starters, Versa has a hyaluronic acid base. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar found in the body that helps retain water—increasing the volume and plumpness of the skin that has depleted and formed wrinkles over the years. 

Not only does Hyaluronic acid attract the needed volume to smooth out deep-set lines, but it’s  also well tolerated by your skin. Due to Hyaluronic acid’s small and uniform molecular makeup, Versa produces significantly less swelling than other fillers. In fact, because of its fine composition, Versa is also gaining popularity as a lip filler. 

Revanesse Versa’s results speak for themselves. However, its up to your med spa to showcase results, glowing reviews, and all the information patients need to book appointments. Through deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns, your marketing strategy can become airtight in promoting Revanesse Versa at your med spa.

5 Ways to Effectively Market Revanesse Versa
1. Website: Feature Revanesse Versa

For Revanesse Versa to flourish at your med spa, it needs a permanent home on your website.

Your website is the online equivalent to your front desk. It needs to be inviting, attractive, and effective in getting patients  the answers they need and directing them where to go.  Just as a patient may leave if their first impression of your med spa is negative, your website design needs to be top quality. To do this, make sure your homepage, treatment pages and your other marketing channels work underneath a coordinated med spa brand

Once your overall website is looking good, you can dive into your Revanesse Versa treatment page. While your homepage could promote Revanesse Versa with a snippet and a link, your treatment page should dive deep into answering everything an interested patient would want to know. Overview what and how Revanesse treatment works, what to expect before/during/after treatment, answer FAQ’s, and showcase its STUNNING results. 

Patients should leave your website confident and excited about moving forward with Revanesse Versa. 

2. SEO: Be Seen Online

It’s not enough to simply have a quality feature for Revanesse Versa on your website. It needs to be seen!

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website the most views. There are a series of actions that you can take to improve your content,  speed, mobile usability, etc. Simple tweaks like compressing your image size, internally linking, etc can help Google better read, index, and highly rank your site.

SEO works for your website as a whole, but also for your individual Revenesse Versa page. For example,  You can build your pages’s online authority by linking to the treatment page multiple places throughout your site. The more links that point to it, the more credibility Google will assign it. 

Patients are coming to the internet with their questions about Revanesse Versa. Make sure your website is optimized to be presented as the best answer!  order to best market this filler, you should know a little about its background. Originating and gaining popularity in Canada, this popular filler then

3. PPC Ads: Grow Exposure

Revanesse Versa is new to most patients. The truth is, most patients will not book the first time they hear about it. Your PPC marketing campaign needs to educate and build needed exposure for patients to book Revanesse Versa.

Placing paid ads that actually WORK is a tricky science. Many med spa’s have paid for ads and not seen any return on their investment. To avoid this, ads need strategic thinking that avoids any “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead they need to be tailored to meet the interest and exposure level that  potential patients have with Revanesse Versa and your med spa. 

The Aesthetic Marketing Funnel can help you formulate the most impactful ads. It helps you categorize your viewers and deliver ads that will most likely help them progress towards booking. For example, a patient that has never heard of your med spa should be served an ad that prominently displays your name, logo and makes an entertaining or emotional pitch for why they need your services. Patients further down the funnel can be directed to more specific treatments like Revanesse Versa and be given clear booking paths. 

Many marketing channels provide you free tools to better segment your audience for specific ads. For example, Facebook Ads Manager helps you target patients based off of their behavior, interests, lookalike audiences (those who have similar traits to patients who have booked with you), etc. Use the provided resources to promote the most effective ads! 

Build your exposure for Revanesse Versa through timely and impactful ads!

4. Social Media: Build Peer Credibility

Showcasing the patient experience is KEY to Revanesse Versa’s marketing success. And no channel spotlights patients better than social media!

Here are 5 ways we suggest marketing this powerful dermal filler on your social media platforms.  

  • Offer An Insider View: Patients are fascinated by videos that walk them through the entire treatment experience. Many are held back by the unknown of Revanesse Versa, but a treatment video can familiarize your practice and provide the needed confidence to book.
  • Post Patient Content: Patients may take your recommendation with a grain of salt (you are financially motivated, after all). But a recommendation from a friend, or someone "like them" can be the needed trigger to book Revanesse Versa. Incentivize patients to post their experience and then re-share their content across your platforms.
  • Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate! Medical aesthetic treatments can BOOM when social media influencers endorse them. Reach out to local and beauty/health influencers. Offer a discounted or even free treatment in exchange for a feature. That lost revenue can be well worth it, if it means breaking ground into their following.
  • Showcase Results: Results will sell themselves! If patients see stunning before and afters, video and images of people they want to look like, bookings will follow! Use the highest quality images and video to promote Revanesse Versa.
  • Offer Promotions: Social media promotions can give an immediate boost to your bookings. Build awareness of this stunning filler and follow it up with a discount to get the bookings rolling.

Patients are coming to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube to discover treatments and view results.  Demonstrate through social media marketing  that Revanesse Versa is right for them! 

Revanesse Versa marketing over social media
5. Text and Email Marketing: Activate Your Base

Building your Revanesse Patient base isn’t all about bringing in new patients. Some of the most efficient marketing campaigns  target those already in contact with your med spa. Mine your email and text subscriber lists for new Revanesse Versa patients!

Email marketing can be a great way to build awareness of Revanesse Versa. A series of educational emails can introduce the treatment, address FAQ’s, showcase results, and offer paths for booking.

Your email marketing can also help overcome any barriers your potential patients may have. For example, many are hesitant with injecting a foreign substance they know little about. To set these fears aside, you can emphasize the natural ingredients and Revenesse’s high commitment to quality. Formed in small batches, each serum is thoroughly tested to ensure a consistent standard.

In addition to emails, text message marketing can be the spark that leads to bookings. While emails could potentially be buried for days, weeks, or lost in spam, texts are almost always read IMMEDIATELY. Don’t take that direct channel for granted!

Patients are quick to unsubscribe from texts, so make sure your messages are full of value. Expiring text offers for Revanesse Versa  (especially following an educational email campaign) can be the push patients need to book an appointment!

Commit to a Revanesse Versa Marketing Campaign Today

Revanesse Versa is only a marketing campaign away from becoming a staple at your med spa! With results lasting up to a year, many patients will be anxious to jump in line for this popular wrinkle eraser treatment. But first they need to hear about it! 

With a coordinated marketing campaign you can grow awareness, educate, and overcome any barriers to bookings your patients may have. Through strategic use of your  website, ads, social media platforms, and email and marketing campaigns, you can build your Revanesse Versa patient base and watch your med spa’s revenue rise!

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