Your patients are cheating on you.

Is your practice reliant on one-time patient visits? If your answer is yes, you aren't alone. 74% of patients never return after their first visit because they either:
-Forgot about you
-Aren't educated about treatment upkeep
-Found a better deal
-Booked with the most convenient option when they were ready to be retreated (and it wasn't you)

Zero contact after first visit.

Has the patient you saw six months ago heard anything from you since? Your patient is unlikely to make the effort to return back to your practice, even if they had a great experience. Failing to connect with a patient after the first treatment can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

There are likely 25 med spas in your radius.

In some areas, it's even more. You are not only competing with other medical spas, but dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical practices delving into aesthetics.

You're more focused on new patients.

It's easy to focus on marketing your practice to new patients and forget about the ones you have already brought in.

You are not top of mind. Thus they go back to Google, Yelp or Instagram.

They've simply forgotten about you. By the time they get back to doing some self care and are ready for their next aesthetic treatment, they start their search for an aesthetic provider all over again.

You incentivize new patients rather than those you've already treated.

When looking for more revenue, common thinking is seeking revenue from new patients. Incentivizing existing patients is a simple way to create a stream of recurring revenue your practice can depend on.

Your patients are being hit with constant barrage of ads for aesthetic practices.

Your patients are on devices several times a day and are seeing ads for other aesthetic practices on Google, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Yelp. Become the top choice by offering them the e-commerce experiences they are already used to.

When you aren't front and center in your patients' minds, your patients WILL forget about you.

Consumers are inundated with ads, marketing materials, and offers every single day. They are after the next best thing, not thinking about where they went six months ago.

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