Med Spa Marketing Ideas

Does your marketing feel stale? Your Med Spa needs to be constantly infused with fresh marketing ideas!

Med Spa Marketing Ideas That Grow Your Practice

Your practice’s marketing is not a “one and done” experience. To maintain and grow your practice, you absolutely need a continual stream of fresh med spa marketing ideas to keep bringing in new patients. 

While your med spa is probably utilizing many basic pillars of marketing (website, social media, emails, etc) there are many simple ways to help your marketing channels feel fresh, trending, and most importantly

Consider these five med spa marketing ideas to give your practice a fresh edge! 

5 Fresh Med Spa Marketing Ideas
1. Change Up Your Offerings

Many of your patients likely already know what treatments your practice offers. Now start thinking outside of the box on how to repackage and add extra value to gain their attention!  

Here are three fresh offering ideas to consider: 

  • Value Bundles
    Show that bundling a few services or rounds of treatments together leads to added value (lower overall price tag) or a free side service on the patients' end. For example, you could offer a free 20-minute skin tightening or body contouring treatment with a bundle purchase of lip filler treatments. Even a small value can be the tipping point in a patient’s decision to book!
  • Upgrades
    You can also complimentary upgrade a patient’s service with a small add-on. For example, you could periodically offer the value of a free facial when a big treatment is booked. A minor service, discount, etc. won’t make much of a difference on your end, but for the patient, it can make the experience much more positive as they feel they are getting a great deal with an added benefit they weren't expecting.
  • Membership Programs
    People love to be part of an exclusive group. Creating a membership program where members are given exclusive deals and membership perks can be very attractive. Memberships can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. It can include a point system to accrue points to put towards future purchases, or simply be a group that gets sent special discounts and updates.
2. Post Patients' Content

While you should use social media to share promotions and updates on your end, never forget that your own patients are your best marketers! 

As often as possible, incentivize and share user-generated content (content created by your patients). Continually offer contests and promotions to get your base sharing your content and generating excitement about your med spa. Consider giveaways, BOGO offers, contests to win money to put toward treatment…all if they post their experiences with your practice. These patient engaging posts are a crucial piece of a thriving social media marketing campaign.

People want to see real-life results and experiences from your patients. Post patient content!

3. Partner up: Truly get "Social" with your Social Media

Social media offers an amazing opportunity to partner with other local names and businesses! Patients like seeing that your practice is part of their local community, especially when it’s with other businesses they support. 

Partnering up is a smart move in many business sectors, not just in medical aesthetics. For example, McDonalds has seen huge success with its “Famous Order” collaborations. Recently in August 2022, they offered the rapper Saweetie’s version of her McDonald’s meal: some basic menu staples, with her unique twist of a special sweet and sour sauce. By repackaging their menu items (remember suggestion #1) and effectively collaborating, McDonald’s enjoyed big profits and positive exposure.

Whether you collaborate for a giveaway with an influencer, beauty product store, local restaurant, charities, gyms… the exposure is gold for engagement and bringing new followers to your social media accounts.

4. Reward Patient Referrals

In addition to encouraging user-generated content, widely promote incentives for direct referrals to your practice. 

Remember, a recommendation from a friend or family member goes miles further than a cold call, or Google ad. Offer rewards like local gift cards or discounts on in-house treatments for referring friends.

We know giving discounts is tough, but remember, nothing beats WORD OF MOUTH. Just like you would listen to a friend telling you to go see “that” movie or “this” restaurant, there’s nothing more CONVINCING than a nudge from a friend or family member. 

Find the budget to reward those patients that are willing to broadcast their results from your practice!

5. Revamp your Reviews

Reviews can make or break you. Interested prospective patients quickly cool when reading bad reviews about your practice.

Proactively build up your arsenal of positive reviews within your patients base. Ask for reviews and offer small incentives like gift cards for leaving them.
Not only should you focus on reviews on different platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, you should also showcase positive reviews on your website. A testimonial section will be one of your most reviewed and influential sections on your website!

Bring in More Traffic with Fresh Ideas

Patients don't want tired or generic “one size fits all” marketing. 

Refresh and personalize your marketing channels through new offerings, increased patient content, social media partnerships, and incentives for referrals and reviews. Fresh marketing ideas and angles can bring in the new traffic and bookings that your med spa practice needs!

Aesthetic Experience Matters

Choose a medical marketing company that has a track record of driving new patients to practices.

Motivate, educate and convert prospective leads into bookings.