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Your Guide to Medical Spa Marketing

We get it—you’re good at what you do: delivering amazing aesthetic treatments to your patients. Does that mean you should skimp on your digital marketing efforts though? If you own a medical and aesthetics practice and are not seeing the quality patient growth you need and want, it is time to re-think and establish your medical spa marketing strategy.  

The demand for med spa treatments like BOTOX, fillers, and non invasive fat loss treatments is more pressing than ever. If you own a medical spa, it’s never been a better time to capitalize on the booming aesthetics industry. With that said, the competition is fierce, and an effective marketing campaign is absolutely necessary for success.  

Effective marketing can increase brand awareness, generate patient growth and retention, and multiply the revenue you see on a consistent basis.

Neglecting to market your medical spa will let your competition consume you—so don’t fall behind. Get ahead of your competitors with the latest digital marketing strategies.

In this guide we will outline all of the essentials you need for effective, growth-oriented med spa marketing that drives revenue and patient growth. Read on to learn the comprehensive strategy you need to grow your practice effectively through every digital channel.

Med spa marketing during Covid-19 and beyond
Med Spa Marketing Starts with a Great Strategy

A targeted marketing strategy is more than just important for your medical spa, as it could make the difference between success and failure for your practice. If your competition is utilizing strategic marketing and you are not, you are missing out on the opportunities and patients a well-crafted medical spa marketing campaign could be generating for your business.

Many aesthetic professionals and med spa owners wonder what a great marketing campaign for their med spa looks like.

At Med Aesthetics Group, we are experts in digital marketing and believe that a great med spa marketing campaign is comprised of many different elements. Specifically, we like to utilize a strategy that incorporates targeted SEO, website optimization, paid search campaigns, social media, and email and text marketing.

Start by Auditing Your Marketing Efforts

We don’t recommend just diving headfirst into your marketing strategy. The key to marketing effectively is knowing where you stand and what channels you need to put the most effort into to see the most return.

Start by evaluating your current patient booking rate and where you want it to be. See what marketing channels you are already utilizing and if these are working. If you aren’t where you want to be, it’s likely that you need to curtail your strategy or add a different marketing channel to your efforts.   Med spa marketing is multi-faceted and is made up of several important channels. In this guide we will cover the key components of a great med spa marketing campaign including:

Evaluating your competition in your market.  
Med Spa Social Media Marketing
Facebook Followers
Instagram Followers  
Med Spa SEO Marketing
Med Spa Website Marketing
Med Spa PPC Marketing
Med Spa Email Marketing
Med Spa Text Marketing
Med Spa In-House Marketing 

Read on to find out if you are making the most of each of these marketing channels and how you can maximize your marketing efforts to see an increase in patient growth and retention.

Know Your Market and Competition

Whether you are in a big city or a suburb, medical spa treatments like Botox, fillers, and non-surgical body contouring are all highly sought after.

So, how do you stand out from the rest? The cornerstone of any great marketing campaign is knowing your target audience. Being aware of your potential patients’ interests and demographics can help you to market in a direct, targeted way.

Furthermore, it can be just as important to know about your competition. By making yourself familiar with your local competition, their marketing strategies, and their target audience, you can develop a more strategic marketing plan that implements proven SEO, paid search, text, email, and social media marketing tactics.

Expert tip: See how you rank amongst competitors in local listings by doing a simple keyword search for treatments you offer in your area. Is a medical spa near you ranking on the first page for lip injections and you don’t even see your practice? It may be time to invest in some SEO efforts. Is a practice continually showing up on your social media feed but your own isn’t even breaking through 100 followers? You may want to invest in your social media efforts. Knowing your weaknesses is the key to building your strengths as a practice.

Med Spa Branding and Advertising

Some of the most well-known brands are recognized by their iconic logos (Apple, Nike), colors (Tiffany and Co.), or advertising campaigns (Got Milk?). Your practice is no exception, and can completely break through the noise by creating a standout-brand image.

You should take great care into choosing your logo, the colors that will represent your brand, and any slogans or phrases you want associated with your med spa.  

Expert tip:
Use consistent brand visuals. Your brand should make a statement across all of your visual channels and be recognizable. Make sure you are using the same logo, font, colors, and slogans across all of your marketing channels (website, social media, emails, within your practice, etc.).

If you're serious about building a brand that goes beyond your website and looking farther than your medical spa, we highly recommend speaking to Brand Expert, Adam Haroun.

Brand Consistency Matters

Staying consistent on your website designs and social media can help you establish your brand.
Stay consistent! A good brand extends to Instagram, Facebook and other marketing channels.

Medical spa marketing relies on consistent Instagram branding.
Your Brand Voice for Your Aesthetics Practice

Your medical spa brand’s voice should convey authority and expertise, but also be understandable and relatable for your potential patients.

Creating a unique brand voice allows you to connect with patients on a broad scale while increasing overall awareness about your practice. There are some brands that are edgy, professional, or suggest elegance and luxury. Be aware and intentional about the impression you want to convey.

Choosing the Face for Your Brand

This is an important decision to make. It starts with asking if your injector, owner or physician will be the face or take a branding position within your medical spa.

There are some medical spas where the injector is the face of the brand. They are featured on the homepage in the main hero and are heavily visible on Instagram and/or Facebook. We recommend this strategy as it helps you differentiate your practice in a very competitive market.

Another approach would be to heavily lean on your branding such as logo, look and feel. A great example of this would be Laser Away, where they do not feature any injectors or physicians.

Practices that have a larger goal to become bigger than one location and have dreams of franchising, are best to seek a branding expert to begin thinking about how to go beyond their initial location.

We highly recommend using your physician or injector and staff in your branding and marketing efforts. It humanizes your branding and advertising. It is also one aspect that that competitors can not copy!

Your Medical Spa Website and SEO

One of the first places your potential clients will go is your website. It is imperative that patients are able to find your site on popular search engines like Google or Bing and that you rank for popular keyword terms in your local area.

Great rankings start with a great website, and utilizing proven SEO tactics like keyword optimization, user-experience, and overall site accessibility and appearance. All of these strategies will bring new users in and keep them coming back.

A great medical spa website has several key components. Let's outline them below.

-Navigates easily
-Reads clearly with an appealing website design
-Includes a full list and description of services offered at your spa
-Showcases your top treatments
-Includes detailed, optimized pages for all of your services
-Showcases patient testimonials and before & after photos
-Gives users easy access to your social media accounts
-Gives concise information about your facility, your location, and your hours of operation
-Highlights your specials and competitive rates
-Includes a blog or news section that allows users to get your expert perspective
-Stands out from competitor websites

Paid Search

PPC is the cornerstone of marketing for all treatments and procedures your facility offers. When you enhance your marketing efforts with PPC, you can expect calls and online requests from new patients right away.

Over time we have accumulated data on consumer search behavior for the most popular treatments. By examining this data, we can decide exactly which keywords to target. This leads to an immediate increase in calls and consultation requests.

While SEO for medical spa marketing can derive more long-term results and success, PPC marketing can be instantly beneficial to your practice.

By using PPC, (“Pay Per Click”), you can target potential patients right away. The best part? You won’t be charged unless patients show interest and click on your ad. Furthermore, paid search campaigns are directly targeted towards consumers who are interested in the services you offer, so you don’t just have to hope the right audience sees your ads.

PPC goes straight to the source and gives you the best chance at acquiring most new patients in the least amount of time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is crucial for med spa marketing for a variety of reasons. Over 3.4 million posts on Instagram can be found under the #botox tag, while over half a million can be found under #lipfillers. Non-invasive treatments are more popular than ever, and many patients begin looking for their new provider via popular social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

As more and more patients turn to social media to see the results of potential procedures and treatments they undergo, showcasing the results your practice can provide can be paramount to your marketing campaign.

Furthermore, social media gives practitioners a chance to interact directly with their current clientele and potential clients about new and popular treatments. By utilizing popular platforms like Instagram or Facebook and implementing interactive features like stories or live Q&As, you can answer current and potential patients’ questions and concerns from the comfort of your office.

Consumers use social media every day, which allows for unique advertising opportunities. Social media marketing allow you not only to reach potential consumers, but to increase awareness and following surrounding your brand.

Facebook Marketing - Optimizing Your Profile

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world; and it can be used to bolster your med spa’s success. Facebook allows you to connect with users in both a broad and personal way, share content, advertise, and manage your reputation—when used effectively.

The first step to marketing your med spa on Facebook is creating a page. Creating a page is simple and can be done in a few minutes. Once you have created your page it is important that it includes relevant and clear information about your business that will easily connect potential patients with you.  Your Facebook Business Page should include:

A link to your website
Your phone number
A contact email
Hours of operation

Your address
A description of your practice
A call to action button

In addition to written content, make sure your page includes both a profile and cover image that are high-resolution and representative of your brand.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget that Facebook is also its own review platform. In addition to sites like Yelp and Google, Facebook is one of the number one resources users use to evaluate a practice’s reputation.

Use Facebook as a Way to Connect With Your Patients

Post great content: Post content your users want to see. We always recommend posting high-quality and engaging photos and videos, as visual content is 40x more likely to get shared on social media platforms.

Expert tip: Did you know that you can “pin” posts at the top of your Facebook page? If you have an older post you want patients to see right when they click on your page. Pinning is a great way to promote posts you want your users to see—such as announcements or upcoming promotions and specials.

Engage with users:
After you have posted content, it is important that you don’t just leave it there. Users will comment, like, and share your content, and its important that you be responsive when they do. Believe it or not, the comment section of content is often a big place where potential patients will ask questions about treatments they are considering—so this is your chance to bring them in.

Enable messaging: Facebook gives businesses the option to enable messaging to their page. Adding this feature allows your potential patients to easily reach out to you on a platform that they are already using and can drastically increase the number of bookings that you see. Make sure you have a staff member who can respond to messages quickly and with accurate information about your services and offers.

Facebook Ads and Your Marketing Plan

With its high influx of users, many of whom are your potential patients, you are missing out on major advertising opportunities if you are not promoting your medical and aesthetics practice on Facebook.  Advertising your content on Facebook is beneficial for multiple reasons.

Cost effective

Facebook is unique in the fact that you’re not just targeting what people are searching, but who is searching. With Facebook Ads, your medical spa will be able to target specific demographics based on gender, age, income, hobbies, and more.  Facebook also allows businesses to utilize a feature called “Look alike Audiences” which targets people who are likely to be interested in your med spa based on your existing patients.  Facebook ads allow you to showcase your best content, new services, news about your practice, and specials in a front-and-center way to a targeted audience.

Customizing Facebook Ads for Your Marketing Plan

Once you have a business page, setting up advertising on Facebook is simple. Facebook ads are created and managed through Facebook’s “Ads Manager”.

Here you can choose an objective for your ad such as increasing brand awareness, collecting leads, or generating conversions.  

Next, Facebook will ask you to define your audience. As aforementioned, businesses can be very specific about the audiences they want to target. Once you have established your audience, Facebook will give you an estimate of how many people you can expect to reach and who will see your ad.  

You will then determine how much you want to spend on your ad. This can be adjusted accordingly based on how your ad is performing.  Finally, you will choose what you want your ad to look like. You can design something totally new or work off of an existing post you already have.  

You will be able to get feedback on how the ad is performing and can update your budget or adapt your advertising strategy based on the responses you get.

Marketing Your Practice on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most forefront platforms for doctors, nurses, and other aesthetic professionals to promote their brand on—and for good reason. The platform has millions of posts under hashtags like #botox, #fillers, #nonsurgical, and more.

Start with Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Remember, that your Instagram profile might be the FIRST interaction your potential client has with your practice. It is critical is looks professional and establishes trust. It's the perfect opportunity to share what type of services you offer, a direct link to your website as well as the state where you are located.

Example of a professional Instagram profile.
Posting and Using Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the primary ways you can get your content seen and grow your following. Instagram allows users to use up to 30 hashtags on a post and we recommend either posting them under your main body of content or in a comment immediately after posting.

Make sure you optimize for high-volume hash tags such as #botox, #filler, #lipinjections, #medspa, etc. as well as location-oriented hashtags. See what your competitors and popular accounts are using to get some ideas.  

Here are some of our favorite hashtags for med spas to use: #aesthetics,#cosmeticinjections, #noninvasive, #nonsurgical, #BOTOX, #lipinjections,#fillers, #restylane, #juvederm, #kybella, #voluma, #injections, #injectables,#facerejuvenation, #undereyefiller, #cheekaugmentation, #facialcontouring,#laserhairremoval 

Expert tip:
Use hash tags relevant to your area and local regions. (i.e. if you are in Los Angeles use #losangeles, #LA, #santamonica, #southerncalifornia, etc.)

Post Types for Marketing Your Practice on Instagram & Facebook

Are you looking to nail your Instagram Strategy as part of you Medical Spa Marketing Strategy? Let's take a look at what works in on Instagram.

Before and after Instagram example.

Before & Afters

Patients want to see what kind of results they can expect. Great before and after photos that use good lighting and highlight your best work can show off your expertise  

Instagram videos showing procedures.

Live Treatment

Give them peace of mind through videos that showcase procedure processes and answer common concerns. Many potential patients never even make it to the consultation because they are fearful of treatment and don’t know what to expect.  

Inspirational instagram post creates value.


Feel good and inspirational posts are great way to add value to your stream of posts. Combined with authetic posts they can keep your medical spa in front of your followers.

Staff showcased on your practice's instagram feed.

Your Staff

Get your staff involved on social media. Make it fun and engaging and make sure you have ring lights to get great images. Tag your staff as a way to say thank you and help them build their following.

Showcase your injector on Instagram.

Your Injector

Showcase your injector on Instagram to effecively market your medical spa. This is one quick way to instantly build credibility in the eyes of potential patient.

Post hilarious meme's to increase engagement.

Hilarious Meme's

No one posts better meme's than @saysmyderm on social media. If you can create posts that draw laughter, you're on your path to generating a large amount of followers.

Other Ways to Build Your Med Spa Brand on Instagram

If you think your follower count doesn’t matter—think again. Many injectors have completely transformed their practice by becoming social media influencers with followings in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

Great content is the cornerstone of growing your following. However, there are several other steps that you should and need to take if you really want your profile to stand out on Instagram.  Instagram’s algorithm highly values how you engage with users, so if you want to grow your following you should be active in the communities you want to grow in.

Like, comment, and follow profiles that are targeting the same hashtags as you. Respond to comments on your photos in a timely manner and engage with users through DMs or features like Instagram Live. You can also post supplemental content to your story that allows you to share regular content with users without spamming their feed.

Email Marketing

Both email and text marketing are crucial to ensuring that your practice retains its patients. Text and email allow you to have direct, organized contact with your clients so that you can keep them up to date on the latest treatments your spa is offering, monthly specials, exclusive events and more. Email and text marketing can act as a great reminder for patients to follow up on treatments or can bring back patients who you haven’t seen for a while.

The first step to a great email marketing campaign is building a quality and extensive email subscriber list. There are several ways to build an email subscriber list—both with patients you already have and those who have never even set foot in your practice.

Use office visits effectively: Don’t treat a patient coming in as a one-and-done visit. Make sure your front desk staff is proactive about collecting incoming patients email addresses at the time of booking on the phone or while the patient is in your office.

Use your website:
Your website should always include an email subscription signup. This is an easy way to enlist subscribers who are already interested in your practice and services.

A popup on your homepage and an eye-grabbing email subscription form can be extremely beneficial in building your list.

Create giveaways:
Incentivize potential subscribers to give you their email with offers. A well-targeted ad that bolsters offers or freebies at your practice is an easy and fast way to grow your subscriber list and get patients to read your emails.

Create Marketing Emails that Have a Visual Impact

We encounter medical spas that don't value email marketing as a patient driver. That is one of the biggest mistakes medical spa owners make. It can be the lowest cost channel that drives the highest return.

Make sure your emails are well designed. You are in the aesthetic industry and your emails need to be pleasing to the eye. From the subject line to the footer at the bottom of the email, each message needs to be full of engaging copy, clickable content, and be aesthetically pleasing.  Learn more about the anatomy of a great aesthetics email here.

Your Emails Need to Look Great and Get The Client to Schedule a Treatment in That Moment.

Use Marketing Professionals to Help You Market Your Medical and Aesthetics Practice

Let your potential patients experience the difference that your med spa offers, without them even stepping into your facility. By generating great content for social media, your website, or other outlets, you are giving your clients a glimpse at what your practice is all about. However, whether you are a doctor, nurse injector, aesthetician, or med spa owner, we understand that you are busy and balancing a business and marketing campaign can be difficult.

At Med Aesthetics Group we take the stress off of you and your business! Our marketing professionals are familiar with all of your treatments and services, and can create a strategic marketing campaign for you, so that you get the results you want. We aren’t like other marketing companies, as our team is made up of aesthetic experts who share the passion of your practice.

Schedule a demo with us  or give us a call today to learn more about our unique medical and aesthetics marketing services and see the difference in your patient growth immediately.

Your Patients Expect Great Results. 
Expect the Same from Your Marketing.

You started your practice to help patients get the best results. Effective marketing requires strategy, illuminating designs and a team that has an expertise in marketing and aesthetics.