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Morpheus8 Marketing: Your Guide to Generating a Morpheus8 Patient Base

“Morpheus8 is quickly claiming its seat as a leader in anti-aging and skin-tightening. Patients are raving about the longer-lasting effects of this microneedling and radiofrequency combination over other non-invasive paths. With effective marketing, your practice can see a significant revenue boost and a loyal stream of patients regularly returning for Morpheus8 treatments. Promoting this powerful treatment might be the next best move for your med spa! 

Raising awareness and educating your current and potential base about the benefits of Morpheus8 is key to your success.  We will quickly go over some of the selling points of this wonder treatment and then dive into the marketing arms that can position Morpheus8 for success.

Why Market Morpheus8 in Your Med Spa?

While most skin tightening treatments’ main selling point is increased collagen production, Morpheus8 offers so much more. With Morpheus8, extra collagen from microneedling is just the cherry on top of this deep-reaching treatment. 

Developed by In Mode Aesthetics, Morpheus8 brings together the benefits of microneedling and radiofrequency in this one-of-a-kind treatment.  Radiofrequency energy is inserted 4mm deep into the adipose tissue of the dermis to generate deep tissue remodeling. Simultaneously, the visible skin layer is rejuvenated and tightened through microneedling’s collagen-enhanced healing.

You won’t need to look far for visual proof of results. Before and after shots, Tik Tok videos, etc. clearly show Morpheus8 minimizing scarring (acne, stretch marks, etc), deep wrinkles and lines, excess fat in the chin and neck, sun damage, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture.

With patient results and raving reviews in hand, you can effectively infuse your website and SEO, paid marketing, social media, emails, and text marketing to max out your bookings. We'll now go over each arm of an effective Morpheus8 marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Morpheus8
1. Become Visible: Website and SEO
2. Target Your Marketing: PPC, Facebook Ads, etc.
3. Get Social: Social Media Marketing
4. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing
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