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Text Marketing Drives New and Returning Patients Back to Your Medical and Aesthetic Practice.

One of the cornerstones of medical marketing is Text Message Marketing.

Timely text message marketing campaigns help grow revenue by sending offers and reminders directly to your existing patients or prospect list.  Patients will first give permission to receive messages through a confirmation text sent to their phone. From there, your messages can both serve as friendly reminders for clients that have not visited in a while, and spark immediate bookings for new and returning patients through promoted deals and coupons. 

Frequency of texting also plays a large role in the success of your campaign. Our company can optimize texts for the best time, days or even months ahead! 

Our automated approach, led by our digital marketing experts, enables us to launch effective text messaging marketing campaigns to help drive bookings and  deliver a personal touch your patients, new and returning, will appreciate.

Sending Text Messages for Promotions and Marketing Your Medical and Aesthetic Practice.

Our Seven Pillars of Effective Text Medical and Aesthetic Marketing.

We'll outline below the seven main tactics you need to focus on in order to have a successful text marketing campaign for your medical practice.


It matters when you send your text. People have busy lives and certain times of the day can result in a higher volume of patients calling or redeeming the offer online. We have perfected the times and days to send messages to get the highest response rates from the offers we send.


Assembling a strong list of subscribers is the most challenging part of text marketing. We can help you build your list with compelling offers. To build a successful list of people that have opted in, you must give people a reason to opt in to receive text messages. Do not make the mistake of hoping people will subscribe. It doesn't work that way and people want something in exchange- the same way you would if you opted into receiving text messages from a business. But once you're in, you're in. Opt Out rates are extremely low, often a fraction of what we see via email. That is, of course, if you're sending out texts that are worthwhile to your clients.

A great text message is timely and gives incentive to schedule immediately.


There must be a reason for your new or returning patient to act. Why on earth would they stop what they are doing and call unless an offer expires after a set time? For example, setting a time limit such as “20% off treatments only through Labor Day weekend” creates a ticking time bomb that forces people to act fast before it’s gone. Cut through your patients' inaction by providing an expiring offer.


Your design matters. People's expectations are extremely high and poor design that looks dated or like your grandmother designed it won't cut it. When banners are associated with text messages, they better look good. People's expectations are extremely high and low rate design won't cut it.

We helped Skin Refine market National BOTOX Day to their clients via timely marketing messages via text.


Text messaging laws are clear. Don't mess with them. Make sure that all texts have an easy opt out for your clients to have the option to stop receiving marketing messages from you.


You still need to tell people what to do. You need a clear call to action that states them to call, redeem or book. For example,  in the promotional text: “Who else wants to look great at the pool this summer? Sign up for your Coolsculpting treatment today!” the direction to “sign up” gives the reader clear direction. Sign up, subscribe, learn more, get started, try for free, join us etc. are all call to action words that can lead to increased bookings.


A person might not be able to have an immediate phone conversation. If you have an online booking path, give them that option. A direct link to your website where they can fill out a form also works. However, if timed right with an enticing offer, the patient will end up calling to redeem the offer and likely schedule.

Optimize Your Text Message Marketing for Your Medical and Aesthetic Practice

In a world where virtually everyone carries their phones on them and instantly checks their messages, honing in on your text marketing is a no brainer. Partner with our experts in medical text marketing to boost your revenue through retaining and gaining new patients.

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