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Dysport Marketing: Your Guide to Building a Dysport Patient Base

Deep forehead lines are hard to unsee, and even harder to counter without help! While patients are anxious for non-invasive paths with quick and effective results, many are unaware of treatment options other than BOTOX. With a targeted marketing strategy, you can introduce Dysport. This powerful wrinkle-removing treatment works overtime to smooth out the deepest frown lines between the brows. 

In order to build up a Dysport base, you will need to coordinate your marketing arms to educate and energize your existing and prospective base. What can result? Dysport marketing can open more treatment options to your patients, grow a loyal patient base, and ultimately grow your practice.

So let's get started! We will first go over how to market Dysport alongside BOTOX, and then go over the marketing arms that can position Dysport for success at your med spa.

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Featuring Dysport in YOUR Med Spa

The most common question you will get about Dypsort is “How does it compare to BOTOX?”. Your marketing needs to answer this and other frequently asked questions to give your patients the needed information to confidently move forward. 

Patients should know that  BOTOX and Dysport’s makeup, application, and results are very similar.  Both  use an injectable form of Botulin Toxin A to relax the forehead muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. As each injection “freezes” muscles movement, deep set wrinkles begin to smooth out and future wrinkles are prevented from forming. The results speak for themselves.

They’re comparable in cost too. Though Dysport is “cheaper by the unit” it requires more units then BOTOX to treat the same location. So it shakes out to be about the same.  

Now that we’ve covered the similarities, here are three key ways Dysport differs from BOTOX.

  1. Formula

    While they share the same core ingredient, Dysport and BOTOX differ in their protein additive. Dysport’s protein allows the serum to diffuse further from the injection area. This leads to a softer and more natural result!
  2. Wrinkle Type

    Dysport is not developed to treat all types of wrinkles. While BOTOX can treat a wide range of wrinkles, Dysport is only FDA approved to treat the glabellar lines. So a patient looking to minimize their “11’s” or frown lines between the brows would be a great Dysport candidate.
  3. Speed of Results

    Both treatments' results last around 3-4 months. However, Dysport’s results are said to appear more quickly in about 2 days compared to BOTOX’s week. It's hard to beat results this fast!

Now that you know how to position Dysport next to BOTOX, you can get going on your marketing content to drum up interest. As you know, effective marketing campaigns are a complex combination of different marketing arms. We will go over how deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns, can  position Dysport for success at your med spa.

5 Ways to Effectively Market Dysport
1. Get Featured: Dysport on Your Website

To build your Dysport marketing base, it first needs a prominent feature on your website. 

Your website is the virtual home base of your med spa. Just as patients come to your front desk for more information and help with booking, your website needs to provide these services for Dysport. Your website design must coordinate under a unique med spa brand to create the best patient experience.

While your homepage may contain a small snippet and link, the Dysport treatment page needs to dive deep into everything patients want to know about Dysport. It should overview the treatment, answer FAQs, create expectations for before/during/after treatment, and showcase stunning results.

And of course, your website needs to provide paths for booking consultations and in-person appointments!

Patients should leave your website confident about moving forward with Dysport!

2. Gain Views: Search Engine Optimization

It won’t matter how great your website is if nobody sees it! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help smooth out any of your website’s rough edges to give you the best visibility.

SEO is all about building your online authority and making it easy for Google to read, categorize, and highly rank your website. You can make a series of adjustments such as compressing your image size, adding location factors,  internally linking, etc. These tweaks will improve your speed, user experience, and ultimately your Google ranking.

Patients are bringing their questions about Dysport to the internet. Invest in SEO and your Dysport content can appear on Google’s first page of search results!

3. Grow Exposure: PPC Ads

Patients are unlikely to book Dysport the first time they hear about it. Roll out Pay per click ads (PPC) ads to help build your patients' exposure to Dysport!

Think of the last ad you saw that was completely uninteresting to you. You probably can’t remember it because you just tuned it out! The point is, effective ads are not a “one-size-fits-all” thing. Different ads are better suited for different patients depending on their interests, relationship to your med spa, and knowledge of treatments.

The Aesthetics Marketing Funnel can help you create the most effective Dysport Ads.  For example, patients new to your med spa should see an ad that prominently displays your name and logo. Those with more awareness should be delivered Dysport-specific treatment ads.

Many platforms will help you further segment your target audiences.  Facebook, for example, allows you to separate audiences based on interests, past behaviors, lookalike audiences, etc. 

The more targeted your ads can be, the more Dysport booking success you will find!  

4. Build Community: Social Media Marketing

The success of any Medical Aesthetic treatment is highly influenced by what is currently  “popular.” So if you want to boost your Dysport appointments, get it humming on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube. 

Many would-be patients use social media as a discovery platform. So feature Dysport on your accounts! Invest in the highest quality videos, before and after pictures, etc. to showcase Dysport’s stunning results. 

Feature your doctors and injectors introducing and demonstrating the treatment. Video content of the entire procedure does wonders for overcoming barriers to booking.

Also, lean into the social aspect. While you can promote Dysport until you’re blue in the face, a positive review from a friend, influencer, or a “patient like them” can be all it takes to trigger a booking. So incentivize patients to post their experience with Dysport! 

Re-post patient content across your accounts.  If possible, work with influencers to get a feature. A discounted treatment can be well worth an “in” to their following.

Use social media marketing to boost your Dysyport marketing campaign!

5. Encourage Internal Bookings: Email and Text Marketing

While many marketing channels aim to bring in new patients, your email and text subscriber lists allow you to find Dysport patients from within!

An email marketing campaign is an ideal channel for educating patients about Dysport. Once they have opted in, you can send out a series of 2-3 educational emails explaining what and how Dysport works and showcasing results.

With no limit on characters, you can craft emails that are interesting, stunning, and provide easy booking paths.

In addition to emails, a text marketing campaign can lead to immediate bookings. While emails can sometimes be buried, texts are almost guaranteed to be read IMMEDIATELY. But be careful, patients are quick to unsubscribe from text marketing if they don’t perceive value. So make sure your texts offer exclusive offers and expiring promotions.

A limited-time text offer can be the push patients need to book a Dysport treatment.

Commit to a Dysport Marketing Campaign Today

In just a few minutes, Dysport can smooth out the deepest frown lines between the brows. Patients will be thrilled to experience Dysport’s results for themselves… but first, they need to hear about it!

With a coordinated marketing strategy, you can educate, generate excitement and overcome any barriers to booking. Through targeted website design, SEO, PPC Ads, Social Media, and text and email campaigns you can build a loyal patient base.

Watch your Dysport demand grow and your revenue rise through a Dysport marketing campaign!

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