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Dysport Marketing: Your Guide to Building a Dysport Patient Base

Deep forehead lines are hard to unsee, and even harder to counter without help! While patients are anxious for non-invasive paths with quick and effective results, many are unaware of treatment options other than BOTOX. With a targeted marketing strategy, you can introduce Dysport. This powerful wrinkle-removing treatment works overtime to smooth out the deepest frown lines between the brows. 

In order to build up a Dysport base, you will need to coordinate your marketing arms to educate and energize your existing and prospective base. What can result? Dysport marketing can open more treatment options to your patients, grow a loyal patient base, and ultimately grow your practice.

So let's get started! We will first go over how to market Dysport alongside BOTOX, and then go over the marketing arms that can position Dysport for success at your med spa.

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The most common question you will get about Dypsort is “How does it compare to BOTOX?”. Your marketing needs to answer this and other frequently asked questions to give your patients the needed information to confidently move forward. 

Patients should know that  BOTOX and Dysport’s makeup, application, and results are very similar.  Both  use an injectable form of Botulin Toxin A to relax the forehead muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. As each injection “freezes” muscles movement, deep set wrinkles begin to smooth out and future wrinkles are prevented from forming. The results speak for themselves.

They’re comparable in cost too. Though Dysport is “cheaper by the unit” it requires more units then BOTOX to treat the same location. So it shakes out to be about the same.  

Now that we’ve covered the similarities, here are three key ways Dysport differs from BOTOX.

  1. Formula

    While they share the same core ingredient, Dysport and BOTOX differ in their protein additive. Dysport’s protein allows the serum to diffuse further from the injection area. This leads to a softer and more natural result!
  2. Wrinkle Type

    Dysport is not developed to treat all types of wrinkles. While BOTOX can treat a wide range of wrinkles, Dysport is only FDA approved to treat the glabellar lines. So a patient looking to minimize their “11’s” or frown lines between the brows would be a great Dysport candidate.
  3. Speed of Results

    Both treatments' results last around 3-4 months. However, Dysport’s results are said to appear more quickly in about 2 days compared to BOTOX’s week. It's hard to beat results this fast!

Now that you know how to position Dysport next to BOTOX, you can get going on your marketing content to drum up interest. As you know, effective marketing campaigns are a complex combination of different marketing arms. We will go over how deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns, can  position Dysport for success at your med spa.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Dysport
1. Become Visible: Website and SEO
2. Target Your Marketing: PPC, Facebook ads, etc.
3. Get Social: Social Media Marketing
4. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing
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