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TRT Marketing: Your Guide to Building a TRT Patient Base

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, TRT, provides the boost many men are searching for. Patients struggling with their sexual experience report TRT’s noticeable improvement in achieving and maintaining erections and increased sexual desire. And the benefits don’t end there! Like a tide that raises all boats, TRT can also improve patients’ mental outlook, reduce fat, and increase muscle mass.

While TRT is not for everyone, many remain unaware or uninformed about this restorative treatment. A targeted TRT marketing campaign can spread the word and attract new levels of patients to your med spa.

We will go over how to coordinate your different marketing arms to position TRT for success. Your marketing can work together to inform and energize your existing and prospective base about this exciting treatment.  We’ll begin with some basic info about TRT and then explore each marketing arm needed to promote TRT at your med spa.

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Diminishing Testosterone is common. Your patients need to know that they are not alone with this condition.  Men generally experience a natural decline past their 30s, and added factors such as weight gain, underlying medical conditions, and injury can further accelerate the decline. The costs can feel high. Low testosterone can have negative effects on one’s relationships, fertility, career, self-esteem, and overall mental state.

Your marketing can introduce TRT as a possible solution and life turnaround. TRT can help a patient restore their sex life and take back control of their body and mental outlook. 

Notify prospective patients of what factors of declining testosterone to look out for. While one factor is likely not enough to justify TRT, a combination of the red flags mentioned below might be the sign your patients need to come in for a consultation.

 -erectile dysfunction
-loss of libido/sexual desire
-mental health: depression and anxiety
-weight gain
-increased sweating
-poor concentration 

If your patients are suffering from the conditions above, TRT could be the fix-all treatment that they need! Let’s now dive into how deliberate website design, SEO, ppc, social media, emails, and text campaigns can build up your TRT patient base. 

Note: Along with promoting the benefits, you need to inform patients about TRT’s potential risk factors. TRT is not for everyone, including those with sleep apnea or a history of cardiovascular disease.  In order to qualify for TRT, patients will need to consult with a qualified physician, verify low testosterone levels, and receive a prescription.

4 Ways to Effectively Market TRT
1. Become Visible: Website and SEO
2. Target Your Marketing: PPC, Facebook ads, etc.
3. Get Social: Social Media Marketing
4. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing
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