CoolSculpting Marketing

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CoolSculpting Marketing
Your Guide to Generating More Patients to Your Practice with CoolSculpting

Now that you own Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting machine and are excited to get started generating a new stream of revenue to your facility, you need to know how to market it.

The good news is that Zeltiq has done an excellent job of creating and building a brand for CoolSculpting. People have begun to ask for it by name and that is a good sign. As long as Zeltiq and Allergan continue to invest in awareness both at the national and local level, facilities will be able to reap the benefits.

coolsculpting marketing is needed as  this procedure's popularity rises!
CoolSculpting and Your Practice

Nonsurgical fat reduction procedures like CoolSculpting are more popular than ever, with overbeing performed in 2017 alone. The fat-freezing treatment continues to be on the rise with Zeltiq’s use of targeted campaigns that have continued to garner the treatment attention in popular culture.

The cornerstone of your CoolSculpting Marketing campaign should be your practice. If you are just introducing CoolSculpting to your practice, you may be overwhelmed with how to start getting new patients.

The truth is, that the best new CoolSculpting patients are your current patients. If you are already offering other noninvasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, talking to your patients about the CoolSculpting treatment and offering educational material in your office can be extremely beneficial.

It is also important to be sure that your entire staff is familiar with the treatment as they communicate with new and existing customers. Crafting a targeted marketing plan centered around rolling out CoolSculpting can help your team all get on the same page. Your staff should be aware and thoroughly educated on the treatment process and benefits of CoolSculpting in order to promote it.

Your CoolSculpting Representative

Make sure you are in close contact with your CoolSculpting representative. Your representative likely works with several facilities and can give you insight into marketing strategies that will work to boost your CoolSculpting patient acquisition.

Furthermore, your representative can give you access to marketing materials and educational information you can give to prospective patients. Materials like videos, pamphlets, or before and after images can be extremely beneficial to your marketing efforts.

Be open and honest with your representative about how you want CoolSculpting to impact your practice and the goals you have in mind for patient acquisition.

Get CoolSculpting Patients with PPC

Do you need CoolSculpting patients right away to help build your practice or to establish yourself as a provider in the area? While there are many factors to a successful long-term CoolSculpting marketing campaign, integrating a paid search campaign into your marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial.

By running keyword-focused ads in the areas you want to see new patients from, you can expect to receive calls and bookings away. PPC campaigns are a great way to give your practice the momentum it needs to  successfully launch CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting and Your Website

One of the first places potential patients will go before choosing a provider is a practice’s website, so it is crucial that you are visible on popular search engines like Google.

To increase your rankings for CoolSculpting, it is important that you follow SEO best practices. Some of these include building your authority through quality links, optimizing for speed and load time, and showing up in local search results.

To show up locally, we always recommend having one main treatment page  titled CoolSculpting plus your target area as a keyword. For example, if you were targeting the Los Angeles area you would want a page that optimizes for the keyword “CoolSculpting Los Angeles”.

Another great way to benefit your SEO efforts is to create supplementary content about CoolSculpting on your med spa's website. Many practices have found it beneficial to write articles and informational blog posts about CoolSculpting vs other fat removal or reduction methods. Not only will this have a great impact on your website's SEO efforts, but it will help reluctant patients get the information they want and need before choosing which practice to visit for CoolSculpting.

Marketing CoolSculpting with Social Media

The number of locations that offer CoolSculpting has, with over 5,000 locations in the world offering the fat-freezing treatment. With so many providers, how is your practice supposed to stand out? A great and necessary place to startsocial media marketing.

There are CoolSculpting hashtag on Instagram alone, as more and more users are using the platform to get more information about the treatment.Use social media to help your practice break through the noise.

Social media outlets allow you to show your following patients’ results, share informational content, highlight patient testimonials, and answer potential patients’ questions. Furthermore, with features like stories, IGTV, and Instagram and Facebook live, you can interact with users on a personal, direct level.‍

Get CoolSculpting Patients with Your Existing Patient Base

If you own a practice, chances are you already have patients coming in for other noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures like facials, injectables, laser treatments, and more.  Make sure your practice showcases materials regarding CoolSculpting and talk with your patients about if they have ever considered a fat reduction treatment. This gives you the perfect opportunity to segue your current patients into CoolSculpting patients.

Another great strategy is to reach out to your current client list through direct channels like email and text to announce your CoolSculpting services or CoolSculpting specials. Make sure you optimize your CoolSculpting text and email campaigns in a targeted way that is relevant to your target market. For example, launching a text campaign before the summer season can be a great way to get patients thinking about ways to look their best before beach season and can lead to consultations.

Text and
email marketing can also be a great way to educate patients who are thinking about alternatives. Both channels are also an optimal way to showcase patient results. Tap into digital channels that go directly to your patient base.

Coolsculpting Marketing ideas that will generate new patients.
Create a Marketing Plan that Starts with CoolSculpting

By integrating a comprehensive marketing plan that includes patient outreach, paid search, SEO, text, email and social media marketing you will see a steady stream of inquiries if done consistently.

Our mission is to help your practice reach its potential. Our team of aesthetics and digital marketing experts have executed multiple CoolSculpting campaigns for med spas, plastic surgeons, and other aesthetic professionals. This explains why 95% of our clients see results within the first day of launching with us.

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