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Emsculpt Marketing: Your Guide to Generating an Emsculpt Patient Base

People are raving about Emsculpt–and with good reason! Emsculpt has blown up the body sculpting world by synthesizing a workout so intense that deep muscle building, fat removal, and body contouring are the obvious results. The word is spreading fast, and dialing in on your Emsculpt Marketing might be the next best move for your med spa. 

An effective marketing strategy can solidify Emsculpt as a core treatment in your med spa.  By positioning raving patient reviews and stunning visible results, you can expect to see big returns on your investment.

Your aim should be to educate, incentivize and energize your current and prospective base about this effective fat-removing and muscle-building treatment. We’ll begin by talking about why Emsculpt is gaining popularity and then go into the marketing arms that can set up this treatment’s success.

Why Market Emsculpt?

The truth is, many patients are tired of ineffective fat-removal treatments. They’re tired of minimal results or the weight coming right back. They don’t know of a great path that delivers results but doesn't require liposuction or full-out surgery.

Emsculpt provides a non-invasive path that not only removes the fat but sculpts and builds up the underlying muscle for longer lasting results.  Your patients need to know about it!

Emsculpt lasers use targeted electromagnetic energy to synthesize an out-of-this-world workout experience. Its lasers induce rapid muscle contractions that force the target area to respond by building muscle and burning fat, at a highly accelerated rate.  A single session is said to equal 20,000 crunches, squats, or sit-ups (depending on the treatment area). 

Many patients come in to treat one area, and then quickly schedule an appointment for other problem areas once they see the results. Your marketing needs to help your first-time patients get in the door to see for themselves and encourage follow-up sessions for returning patients. We will go over how deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns can position Emsculpt for success.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Emsculpt
1. Become Visible: Website and SEO
2. Target Your Marketing: PPC, Facebook Ads, etc.
3. Get Social: Social Media Marketing
4. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing
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Aesthetic Experience Matters

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