Emsculpt Marketing

Learn how to position Emsculpt as a powerful fat removal and body sculpting solution.

Emsculpt Marketing: Your Guide to Generating an Emsculpt Patient Base

People are raving about Emsculpt–and with good reason! Emsculpt has blown up the body sculpting world by synthesizing a workout so intense that deep muscle building, fat removal, and body contouring are the obvious results. The word is spreading fast, and dialing in on your Emsculpt Marketing might be the next best move for your med spa. 

An effective marketing strategy can solidify Emsculpt as a core treatment in your med spa.  By positioning raving patient reviews and stunning visible results, you can expect to see big returns on your investment.

Your aim should be to educate, incentivize and energize your current and prospective base about this effective fat-removing and muscle-building treatment. We’ll begin by talking about why Emsculpt is gaining popularity and then go into the marketing arms that can set up this treatment’s success.

Why Market Emsculpt?

The truth is, many patients are tired of ineffective fat-removal treatments. They’re tired of minimal results or the weight coming right back. They don’t know of a great path that delivers results but doesn't require liposuction or full-out surgery.

Emsculpt provides a non-invasive path that not only removes the fat but sculpts and builds up the underlying muscle for longer lasting results.  Your patients need to know about it!

Emsculpt lasers use targeted electromagnetic energy to synthesize an out-of-this-world workout experience. Its lasers induce rapid muscle contractions that force the target area to respond by building muscle and burning fat, at a highly accelerated rate.  A single session is said to equal 20,000 crunches, squats, or sit-ups (depending on the treatment area). 

Many patients come in to treat one area, and then quickly schedule an appointment for other problem areas once they see the results. Your marketing needs to help your first-time patients get in the door to see for themselves and encourage follow-up sessions for returning patients. We will go over how deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns can position Emsculpt for success.

5 Ways to Effectively Market Emsculpt
1. Provide Answers: Emsculpt On Your Website

The internet is likely the first place a patient will go to learn more about Emsculpt. So in order to run a successful marketing campaign, your website needs to be easily found and prominently feature Emsculpt.

First off, your website needs to be top quality. Your website is the virtual home base of your med spa. Like it or not, your patients are making conscious and subconscious judgments about your practice (and whether they should book an Emsculpt appointment with you) based on how present yourself online. 

Your website needs to match the quality of your med spa. Learn how to med spa website design can build your med spa’s unique brand, builds your reputation, and impresses your patients with it’s style and easy navigation. Your website can leave a lasting first impression.

Once your overall website design is robust, you should focus on your specific Emsculpt treatment page. While your homepage could feature a snippet about Emsculpt (that links to the full page), your Emsculpt page should be entirely devoted to it. This page should overview the treatment, answer commonly asked questions, showcase results, and provide easy booking paths. It should clearly address your patients' concerns and questions and move them along their path to booking.

A strong website is a MUST for a successful Emsculpt marketing campaign!

2. Be Seen: Search Engine Optimization

Now that your website is successfully promoting Emsculpt, you need to make sure that your patients can find it! It doesn't matter how great your Emsculpt page on your website is if no one ever sees it. 

In order to show up highly in Google’s search results, you need to make a few adjustments to make your page more readable. SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) practices such as compressing your image size, using strong links, improving your mobile speed, etc. help Google to better read and rank your website. 

Not only will SEO tweaks help your patients better navigate your site, but they can put you front and center when patients are searching for answers about Emsculpt.

3. Get Clicked: PPC, Facebook Ads, etc.

Patients will rarely book an Emsculpt treatment with a med spa they have never heard of. PPC ads and Facebook Marketing can grow the exposure your med spa needs for new patients to book!

However, many med spas have found that a “one-size-fits-all” ad approach rarely works. Successful ads recognize where the viewer likely sits on the path to booking and adjusts content accordingly.

For example, someone who has never heard of you should see an ad that prominently showcases your name/logo. In an entertaining or emotionally compelling way, your ad should explain why they need your services. On the other hand, a patient that is very familiar with your med spa should quickly be given the incentive to book Emsculpt NOW with clear booking paths. Wherever your prospective patients fall,  The
Aesthetics marketing funnel can help your med spa deliver ads that help them move along their path to booking. 

The trick is determining where prospective patients are in relation to your med spa and Emsculpt. Facebook Ads allows you some very useful tools to pinpoint your specific patient demographics. Learn how to profile and target prospective patients based on past behavior, interest, lookalike audiences, etc. Facebook gives you many tools to deliver the best type of ad. 

You may wonder if your ads are working, but remember that every ad helps build your exposure. With deliberate Ad strategy, you can promote Emsculpt at the right time, and see your bookings roll in.  

4. Earn Social Reputation: Social Media Marketing

Of all the marketing tools, nothing hits quite like Social Media. 

We can’t overstate how crucial your Social Media presence is for building an Emsculpt patient Base. (Prospective) Patients will use your social accounts to research and discover new treatments like Emsculpt, get an inside view into what an Emsculpt treatment looks like, see results, and get peer validation. 

For an on-the-fence patient thinking about booking an Emsculpt appointment,  an outside recommendation from a friend or influencer they trust can be all the convincing they need!  So don’t be shy about featuring other’s content.  Re-post patients’ content about Emsculpt, share celebrity reviews, and/or work with local influencers to showcase Emsculpts results. (A discounted treatment in exchange for a review to their follower base, can be a great move!).

Social Media Marketing takes effort but can lead to great outcomes. Once you get your accounts thriving, each platform can begin to help others. For example, we highly suggest capturing high-quality video footage of the Emsculpt treatment experience and results. Once you create a clip that does well on TikTok, you can then reuse this content on your Instagram, website, email campaign, etc. Sharing content across platforms can help more patients follow you on different accounts and build more exposure to your med spa. 

Use your social to market Emsculpt and see your bookings rise!

Emsculpt Marketing over text message or email.
5. Continue the Relationship: Text and Email Marketing

Your subscriber lists are gold for finding new Emsculpt patients.

Patients who have opted in for your email or text marketing already have a relationship with you. They have often booked with you before. At the least, they are familiar with your med spa. They are primed for a series of emails introducing them to Emsculpt. 

Target your emails to what demographics are likely to be interested in Emsculpt. For example, patients who have previously shown interest in Coolsculpting, Kybella, SculpSure, etc. are prime Emsculpt candidates. Emphasize results and how Emsculpt has no adverse effects.

Email marketing campaigns are ideal for educating and building awareness about Emsculpt. Allowing you all the space you need, an email can detail how Emsculpt works, showcase results, and provide easy booking paths. 

While emails are a great educational tool,
text message marketing holds other advantages. While emails can go days or weeks without being read, a text is almost guaranteed to be opened and read immediately. While you shouldn't overdo it, a text allows you a direct channel to prospective patients.

Patients are quick to unsubscribe from texts that are too frequent or they don’t perceive hold value. Instead, use texts to offer promotional deals. An expiring text offer, especially after an Emsculpt email campaign, can quickly boost bookings.

Commit to an Emsculpt Marketing Campaign Today!

When diet, exercise, and other pathways fail to remove stubborn fat, many patients are primed to hear about Emsculpt. With a coordinated marketing strategy, you can get the word out about Emsculpt and move your patients along the path to booking. 

Commit to a coordinated campaign of your website, social media, ads, and text and email marketing. Watch your patients reach their body goals, welcome in new patients, and see your revenue rise with an effective Emsculpt Marketing strategy!

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