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Your Guide to Med Spa Facebook Marketing

Your med spa NEEDS Facebook to bring in the most patients and scale your practice.

Interest is at an all-time high for all things beauty-related. Dropping ads directly in front of patients “most likely” to book aesthetic treatments is KEY to med spa growth. No platform helps you do this better than Facebook!

Of all the social media marketing platforms, Facebook wins hands down in its ability to target VERY specific audiences. Its targeting tools allow your med spa to hone in on who is seeing your ads, down to the details of their city, gender, age, interests, etc.

Facebook puts new patients in reach. Now let's jump into HOW Facebook can help build your patient base.

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How does Facebook Marketing Work?

Facebook marketing all begins with deciding what you want. Always keep in mind your practice’s goals and objectives as you formulate your Facebook marketing strategy.

Before getting to the ad level, initial decisions need to be made. Determine your budget. Decide your campaign level (ex: auction). From there, you need to choose your practice’s campaign objective (brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, video views, etc.).

We suggest that Med spas generally stick to the lead generation objective. You want to increase your bookings by gathering more patients. The lead objective helps funnel the information of high-interest prospective patients back to your practice. Then you can directly reach out with other channels like e-mail marketing or text message campaigns.

However, you might opt for different objectives at different stages in your practice’s development. For example, you might choose the  “reach” objective if you are a brand new practice just trying to get your name out to as many people as possible.

Determining your med spa’s current needs is CRUCIAL for getting the results you want.

Realize that your goals will change as you grow.  Continually monitor and assess what your med spa needs. A great starting place is targeting those who have the highest interest. Later you can expand your reach as you assess your initial ads and become more familiar with Facebook ads.

3 Ways to Become Best Friends with Facebook Ads Manager

After determining your campaign and objective, build out the details for your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Manager can help develop your content and determine the scope of your marketing campaign. This tool performs three functions: 1) create ads for your med spa, 2) target specific audiences, and 3) track and assess your performance.

Let’s dive into how to be successful in each area.

1. Create Effective Facebook Ads

Subpar ads will quickly be ignored and skimmed over. The pay-per-click (PPC) marketing ads for your Medical Spa need to stand out. Capture prospective patients’ attention with high-quality representations of your practice.

Media content will likely be the first thing your patients see. Invest in high-quality photography of your practice. The most basic ad looks like a Facebook post with one or more pictures (but with a reach beyond your following). You could also create a Carousel Ad consisting of an album of ten photos (or videos) about your med spa- in a panorama or click-through format.

What photos should you include? Prospective patients WANT TO SEE your practice’s treatment results!  Before and after pictures can often be a deciding booking factor.  Make sure quality before and after shots take priority!

Once you've decided on your pictures, make sure they fit well within Facebook’s specifications (so they don’t get awkwardly cropped).

Even more than pictures, your practice needs to focus on VIDEO CONTENT.  The impact of effective video can’t be overstated. All the leading medical spas are implementing video into their marketing strategies. Videos provide a direct view into your treatments and transformation process that can’t be matched.

Video Ads can play within your prospective patients’ feeds, stories, or videos. Video Poll Ads are an especially effective tool because they encourage more interaction than a typical video ad. First, your prospective patient will be given a choice of what they want to see. For example, they could be given options to see weight loss or sharpened features. Once the patient decides, they are shown the relevant procedure video.

Whichever form of media content, couple it with clear CTA’s (calls to action) that guide your prospective patients on what to do. A call to action such as “Book Your Virtual Appointment” should be prominently placed and connected to an easy link to fill out their information.

Your Facebook ads can be direct routes to bookings- make sure each ad counts!

*Expert Tip: The Aesthetics Marketing Funnel can help you determine the best kind of ad for each potential patient. It takes into account patients’  knowledge and exposure to your med spa and treatments. The right ad at the right time can be a powerful tool!

2.  Target Prospective Patients

It doesn’t matter how captivating your ads are if the right people don’t see them!

Ads need to reach groups of people most likely to be interested in medical aesthetics. But how can you determine who might be interested? Facebook uses these criteria to target users:

  • Custom Audiences
    This strategy re-targets people who have previously engaged with your practice. This engagement can be as simple as a previous view of your website.
  • Behavior
    This target collects a base of users whose behavior shows they could be interested in medical aesthetics. For example, those who regularly buy cosmetics could be targeted by this behavior.
  • Interest 
    This criterion targets those who have signaled interest in a certain topic. They will have indicated on Facebook that they are interested in a certain field,  such as plastic surgery. This feature is often a gold mine as they have freely offered that information to Facebook.
  • Lookalike audiences
    This net targets users with similar characteristics to your existing patients. They will have similar online traits to patients who have previously booked with your practice.
  • Demographic
    The demographic category is the broadest net. This target is determined based on age, gender, or location. This strategy is best when used with other targeting criteria.

Narrowing down your marketing efforts to those who are most likely interested in your medical aesthetics is SMART marketing. The better you focus on promising target groups,  the more likely your ads will convert new patients! doesn’t matter how captivating your ads are if the right people don’t see them!

3. Track Your Performance

Your investment in Facebook Ads is only worth it if it generates traffic and bookings! Once you create your campaign and ad strategy,  track how well your ads perform and make any necessary adjustments to your business marketing plan. 

Ads Manager uses many metrics to evaluate your marketing. Pay attention to at least these three:  

  • Performance shows in charts and numbers  the people you reached, those who clicked, and the overall cost. 
  • Demographics will show you how your ad is doing with different ages and genders. 
  • Placement tracks how well your ad performs on other platforms (like Instagram and Facebook). 

Analyze your data with the intent of improving your Facebook ad strategy. As you better understand prospective patients' behavior, you can hone in on those most likely to become your patients.

Bring in New Facebook Patients Today

There is a direct correlation between Facebook Ads and your med spa’s bookings. Do your part to give your ads the most convincing power!

By delivering timely and engaging ads to high-interest (potential) patients, you give your marketing efforts the greatest potential. Watch your bookings and revenue rise through genuine and strategic Facebook marketing.

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