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P-Shot Marketing: Your Guide to Building a P-Shot Patient Base

For patients struggling with erectile dysfunction and diminished sexual experience, the P-Shot offers a welcome treatment path. Using PRP technology, the regenerative properties of a patient's own blood kickstart a powerful boost in sexual experience. However, many are still unaware of this powerful non-invasive treatment. With a targeted P-Shot Marketing campaign, your Med Spa can build a P-shot patient base and bring new revenue to your med spa. 

In order to build a successful P-shot marketing strategy, each marketing arm needs to work together to educate and energize patients about this effective treatment. We will first go over how to market the P-Shot then dive into specific marketing arms that will position it for success at your med spa.  

P-Shot Marketing done right.
Featuring The P-Shot in YOUR Med Spa

Many men are wishing to restore their sexual experience. However, before patients will commit to booking, they need to know how the P-Shot works. And they need assurance that it can and help their unique situation.

While patients don’t need to know every single scientific detail, your marketing should give them a basic understanding of how the PRP technology behind the P-Shot works. First, they should know they will be asked to give a small blood draw when they arrive. The blood sample is then spun in a centrifuge where platelets and other growth factors are separated. This platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then collected and injected into a patient's penis (numbed beforehand with a topical cream).

Once injected, the growth serum works together with the body’s response to wound healing to regenerate tissue and stimulate sexual functioning. In and out the door in less than an hour, The P-shot has been reported to:

 -treat erectile dysfunction
-increase blood flow and enlarge penis
-intensify orgasms and penis sensitivity
-raise sexual stamina

-improve sexual function after prostate surgery

Promoting those kind of results while educating patients on the basics of the P-shot, will help break down any remaining barriers to booking, generate excitement, and help your patients commit to booking.

We’ll now go over how deliberate website design, SEO, PPC, social media, emails, and text campaigns can all work together to build a strong P-shot patient base.   

5 Ways to Effectively Market The P-Shot
1. Become Visible: P-Shot On Your Website

To run a successful marketing campaign, feature the P-Shot on your website!

Your website is the online face of your med spa. Build confidence and create positive first impressions. Make sure your website design is user-friendly, aesthetic, and coordinates under a unique med spa brand.  

Just as your front desk needs to be equipped to answer questions, direct patients, and set up appointments, your website needs to do the same for all P-Shot inquiries.

Feature the P-Shot on your homepage. Give the P-Shot page a permanent link in your treatment directory (usually found in the header or footer). Place a snippet about the P-Shot on your homepage with a link to learn more.

While your homepage can briefly highlight this treatment, the P-Shot treatment page should dive deep into answering everything your patients may want to know. Overview the treatment, explain how PRP technology works, set expectations for before/during/after the treatment, and answer commonly asked questions. Provide patient testimonials. Put a face to your med spa and build credibility by including video or written content from your injectors and doctors.

Show that the P-Shot is a core treatment at your med spa on your website!

2. Become Visible: Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter how great your online P-Shot content is if it’s buried on Google’s 10th page! Invest in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to give your P-Shot page top visibility. 

SEO includes a series of adjustments you can make such as compressing your image size, internally linking, adding location indicators, etc. These tweaks make it easier for your patients (and Google) to better understand and navigate your P-Shot content. And earn you a  higher ranking on Google’s search results. 

As you’re reading this, patients are bringing their questions about the P-Shot to the Internet. Implement SEO to become first in line to offer answers (and booking options!).

P-Shot Marketing with SEO
3. Target Your Marketing: PPC Ads

Patients are unlikely to book a P-Shot treatment the first time they hear about it. Pay per click marketing (PPC ads) help grow awareness and P-Shot interest!

Not all ads are effective. Too many practices find themselves frustrated when their investment brings little return. The trick is offering ads that match the level of awareness the patient has with your med spa and the P-Shot treatment. The Aesthetics Marketing Funnel helps you guage your audience and tailor the appropriate ad.

Many platforms offer tools to help you further segment your audience and deliver effective ads. Facebook, for example, allows you to segment your audience based on past behavior, interests, demographics, and other distinguishing factors.

As patients click on PPC ads, they are directed to a separate page. We highly suggest directing patients to a P-Shot landing page designed to guide them to booking. (Too many patients are distracted or merely browse if they are brought to your website).

Grow awareness of the P-Shot and offer booking paths with PPC ads!

4. Get Social: Social Media Marketing

Patients want to know if the P-Shot worked for others. Social Media Marketing is a great way to build community and showcase a thriving P-shot patient base!

Post patient content whenever possible. Incentive patients to post testimonials and then re-post them on your platforms. A recommendation from a peer, influencer, or someone “like them” can pull down even the toughest barriers to booking. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your goal should be lifestyle photos.  Post high-resolution pictures of thriving men (of all ages) and happy-looking couples. High-Quality images are key to social media’s success!

Video content also can give your platforms traction. Whether it's on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc. capture video content of Injectors talking about the treatment experience and showing a peek into the med spa.

Many social media posts promote both the P-Shot and the O-Shot side by side to improve a couple’s sexual experience. This pairing helps normalize prioritizing one's sexual experience!

Use your social media platforms to educate, build excitement, and grow awareness of the P-Shot.

5. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing

Mine your email and text subscriber lists to find internal P-Shot candidates.

Email marketing is an ideal channel for educating potential patients about the P-shot. A 2-3 email series can overview the treatment, answer commonly asked questions, and vouch for results. And of course, make sure to always provide booking paths. (Virtual Consultations are low commitment, but can get the booking process rolling!)

Text message marketing campaigns are also very effective. While emails can sometimes be buried for days, weeks, or indefinitely in a junk folder, a text message is almost guaranteed to be read IMMEDIATElY. Don’t take that direct channel for granted!

Patients are quick to unsubscribe, so make sure your marketing texts are loaded with value! Offer exclusive text promotions and expiring offers to incentivize patients to book right away.

Commit to a P-Shot Marketing Campaign Today

Many patients are looking for a boost in their sexual experience.  Improved sexual stamina, erections, and sensitivity are all possible through the P-Shot. But first patients need to hear about it!

A coordinated marketing campaign can grow awareness and build the excitement you need to grow a loyal P-Shot patient base. Through deliberate website design, PPC ads, social media, email, and text campaigns you can bring in new P-Shot patients and watch your bookings and revenue rise!

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