Doctor Marketing
How to Effectively Market Your Medical Practice and See Real Patient Growth
Your Guide to Doctor Marketing

Editor’s Note: This guide is evolving. As web marketing changes and as we gain insight into offline channels, we will work towards making this the most comprehensive guide on how to market medical practices effectively. Bookmark this page and return soon for future updates).

If you are a doctor, having a strong influx of patients coming to your practice is just as crucial as maintaining the patient base you already have. While word-of-mouth referrals can be helpful, it is essential that you have a strong presene online and across digital channels like social media to truly see your practice reach its potential. 

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Doctor Website Marketing

The healthcare industry is more competitive online than ever, with physicians of all specialties competing for the first spot on Google. 

When evaluating if they will book an appointment with you, one of the first places patients will go is your website. It is important that you rank high for common keywords associated with your practice that potential patients will be searching for in your area, as patients are more likely to choose from doctors who rank higher in their search query. By making sure your website is optimized through both your content and usability, you can ensure that you will rank high amongst competitors in your area.

Doctor Text and Email Marketing

One of the best ways to build your practice is to capitalize on your existing patient base through digital channels like text and email. By building lists for text and email, you can send out targeted messages to your patients to bring them in when you need to. Staying actively engaged with patients through digital channels is one of the best marketing techniques for doctors to utilize, at it will consistently keep them at the forefront of patients’ minds. 

Whether it is sending out an appointment reminder, healthcare tips and articles, or news about your facility—staying in your patients inbox is a great way to get them to stay with your practice! 

Doctor Social Media Marketing

If you are a doctor, it is important that you get social with your patients on the platforms they are using like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure you create profiles on the platforms your patients are using and that your profiles are optimized with quality images, information about your practice and services, and give quick access to booking. 

It is also important that you share regular content that your patients want to engage with and see. This will grow your following and help to increase awareness around your practice. A great social media strategy can help boost your overall online presence, and in turn, your patient flow.

Doctor Review Management

Did you know that 72% of patients will consider online reviews before choosing a healthcare provider? This is why it is essential for you to carefully manage your reviews across prominent platforms that your potential patients will go to like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. By encouraging positive reviews and effectively managing your presence on review platforms, you can boost your SEO for your practice’s website and generate more patients.

Your Doctor Marketing Plan

At Med Aesthetics Group, we drive patient growth and help you reach your potential as a doctor. Our proven marketing campaigns have helped hundreds of doctors reach the patients they want for their facilities by reaching targeted audiences across all digital platforms. Ready to start seeing real growth? Get started today with Med Aesthetics Group.

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