Marketing for Doctors & Physicians
How to Effectively Market Your Medical Practice and See Real Patient Growth
Doctor Marketing: Proven  Strategies to Help Your Medical Practice Grow

Med Aesthetics Group understands that medical school does not teach doctors the many aspects of the business of healthcare.

Doctors already have enough to be concerned about in today's rapidly changing healthcare system – meeting and exceeding patient expectations, keeping up with professional regulations, and remaining in compliance with government mandates. What doctor has time to spend on researching marketing trends that are related to healthcare consumerism, social media engagement, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid search?

However, to increase revenue and bring value to targeted healthcare consumers, it is necessary for healthcare providers to invest in their online presence.

Research shows that over 80 percent of all U.S. internet users – approximately 98 million Americans – have searched for health-related topics online, while over 50 percent learn about treatment options or healthcare providers and 77 percent use a search engine prior to booking an appointment (Pew Internet and American Life Project). Additionally, accelerated technological advances in the past few years have changed the healthcare industry dramatically. With competition increasingly intense, medical providers find themselves having to devise carefully crafted organizational as well as personal branding messages. As a physician, you need your marketing messages to be unique and medical practice to stand out among your competition.

As a full-service physician marketing firm, this is where Med Aesthetics Group comes in. We do not believe that the phrase “one size fits all” applies to a doctor’s marketing strategy. That is why we have a range of marketing packages that we believe will help you achieve more leads and develop the brand identity your practice needs in the increasingly competitive healthcare industry. No matter what stage your current practice, project, product, or service is in, Med Aesthetics Group will help you develop a robust internet presence, stellar online reputation, and a satisfied and loyal patient base while still being HIPAA compliant.

Let us help you grow your practice and build a steady stream of patients too! Get in contact with our expert team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your practice by reaching new patients and retaining the ones you already have. 

Doctor Website Marketing

These days, a website can make or break a business. Think of your website as your digital business card. Your medical practice needs its own virtual home where current and prospective patients will be able to find you.

Having a professionally developed and designed website that features appealing, informative content and includes expert techniques that focus on search engine optimization (SEO) will help to improve your user experience, search engine rankings, meta descriptions, keywords and tags, and more.
A sloppy, poorly designed or disorganized website, on the other hand, may cause prospective patients to assume your office is the same and will make it harder for patients to find you. Additionally, with 70% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly and easy to navigate website design that will capitalize on the digital trend and work to increase both exposure and profitability.
Med Aesthetics Group will support your web needs from start to finish, including hosting, maintenance, and content updates.

✓ Copywriting
✓ E-Commerce
✓ Hosting
✓ Maintenance and Management
✓ Search Engine Optimization
✓ Website Design
✓ Website Development 

Doctor Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your patients, nurturing them, and turning them into life-long patients.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 U.S. adults like to receive promotional emails from organizations that they are already a customer of, while 72 percent of all Americans prefer that all communications with companies take place via email (The Marketing Sherpa). Those numbers show that email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics that businesses must rely on. It is an essential means of communication for any physician or healthcare provider who needs to communicate with both prospective and current patients.

Building an email list and sending compelling emails will give your medical practice a way to retain web traffic by providing patients with an incentive to stay in touch. When properly executed, email marketing becomes an integral part of a healthcare marketing strategy.
Med Aesthetics Group will help you create beautiful, relevant branded campaigns that will connect with your patients in a highly personalized way. 

✓ Automatically Triggered Emails
✓ Attention-Grabbing Content
✓ Attractive Visuals
✓ Engaging Subject Line
✓ Growing Email List
✓ Compelling Subscribe Button and Opt-In Form 

Doctor Text Marketing

The most used mobile device feature is text messaging, making it critical to use text promotions in the most effective way possible to maximize outcomes for your medical practice.

Text marketing makes it possible to instantly communicate with your patients by advertising, engaging, announcing, and promoting through SMS messaging directly to their mobile phones. By incorporating text messaging into your healthcare communication strategy, it helps to free up administrative time so you can focus on what really matters—patient care.

The intimacy and urgency of text-based marketing makes it very attractive to medical practices. However, those qualities are also what makes text communication from a medical practice especially risky. Whether you are running a new special, trying to fill last minute appointments, or changing office hours for the holidays, with text marketing you will be able to keep your prospective and current patients up to date.

Med Aesthetics Group will make sure that your text marketing is done strategically, respectfully, and in a contextually relevant way.
✓ Announce Events, Specials, and Sales
✓ Build and Manage Subscriber Lists
✓ Grow Opt-In List
✓ Make Announcements
✓ Provide Coupons and Discounts
✓ Send Marketing Alerts and Notifications

Doctor Social Media Marketing

The way patients approach healthcare today is very different than it was 10 years ago. In order to build your brand as a physician, drive traffic to your website, and increase your practice’s appointments, it is vital that you build your social media presence on various platforms.

Additionally, social media marketing is a valuable and necessary tool that will help you reach your current, prospective, and potential patients. Although it tends to require a great deal of time and effort to manage, social media marketing is a powerful way for your practice to reach and engage with your base.

In short, a successful medical practice is built on communication. From choosing the right social channels for your practice to figuring out your content strategy, Med Aesthetics Group will put together a comprehensive plan that will get you regularly posting new content, interacting with patients and other followers, and ultimately increasing your engagement and bookings.
✓ Build Conversions
✓ Create Brand Identity and Positive Brand Association
✓ Develop Social Strategy
✓ Increase Website Traffic
✓ Maintain Consistent Brand Image
✓ Raise Brand Awareness
✓ Improve Communication and Interaction with Key Audience

Doctor SEO Marketing

It will not matter how professional and attractive your website is if prospective patients are not able to find you.

When you drive traffic to your website, you bring patients to your door. However, the top 5 to 10 search engine listings typically receive approximately 90 percent of the visits. Website ranking has become so competitive that it is vital for medical practices to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are certain flaws and shortcomings that many websites have that decreases the likelihood of them ever getting to the top. On the other hand, very specific, high-intent web traffic can be extremely powerful for a medical practice. Leveraging SEO will help drive more relevant traffic, leads, and revenue for your practice.

Search results are constantly changing and search engines' algorithms are extremely complex. Med Aesthetics Group will help to position your website and its content to rank high on Google and other search engines to help you get more qualified traffic on the search terms that matter most to your medical practice.
✓ Content Marketing
✓ Keyword Search and Targeting
✓ Link Building
✓ Organic Results
✓ Tracking and Measuring Results

Doctor Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing provides a significant opportunity for practices to grow their traffic and conversion metrics. If not done correctly, PPC marketing can feel overwhelming and be very expensive. When done right, medical practices attract traffic, leads, and appointments, reaping huge dividends as a result.

With PPC channels like Facebook and Google along with the art of persuasive advertising, you will be able to directly connect and build trusting relationships with prospective patients and quickly grow your patient base. Best of all, PPC advertising empowers you to reach your prospective and current patients at the exact moment they are looking for your specific services.

Whether you are looking to attract thousands of new patients or just a few, PPC will help you reach them, either on a neighborhood, city, county, state, or national level.
Med Aesthetics Group will help put together a smart strategy with winning tactics to help you expand your reach and your healthcare brand. 

✓ Active from Day One
✓ Best Budget Utilization
✓ Bid Optimization
✓ Campaign Management
✓ Competitors Analysis
✓ Conversion Driven Campaign Monitoring and Management
✓ Facebook and Google Ads Accounts
✓ Keyword Research
✓ Landing Page Creation/Optimization
✓ Paid Search Campaigns
✓ Time Management
✓ Trend Detection

Doctor Telehealth Marketing

If your medical practice provides telehealth services, the application of an effective telehealth marketing strategy is an essential component for increasing adoption for patients.

A 2017 study revealed that 1 in 5 patients expressed that they were ready to dump their doctor to a switch to a video-enabled provider and receive telehealth visits (American Well). Additionally, although nearly 80 percent of patients that were surveyed in a different study stated that they would prefer to make a telehealth appointment, most of them did not know whether or not their providers offer the service (Advisory Board). Don't make this mistake!

While in the past direct-to-consumer virtual care was considered to be a largely untapped frontier, the demand for virtual consultations has increased drastically with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the challenging times that have proceeded it. The convenience of telehealth has become the new healthcare consumer currency.

By having telehealth fully integrated into your existing health care system, prospective and current patients will have access to on-demand care with the touch of a button. Med Aesthetics Group will help you develop the most effective telehealth marketing strategy to bring awareness of health related services to your new and existing patient base.

✓ Accelerate Patient Adoption
✓ Deliver Virtual Medical, Health, and Education Services
✓ Promote Telehealth Services
✓ Increase Patient Engagement
✓ Tracking and Measuring Results

Doctor Video Marketing

If your practice is not using video marketing yet, you need to start!

According to research, 83 percent of Americans believe that video is becoming more important as a form of marketing content (Demand Metricand Vidyard). Another study found that 85 percent of U.S. internet users watched online video content on any device (Statista). While there are many communication channels available, specifically video marketing is known to dramatically increase performance metrics as well as provide ancillary benefits, such as enhancing your reputation as a physician and improving patient engagement.

Videos allow a great opportunity for a physician/medical practice to provide office tours, staff introductions, special offers, testimonials, specialty education, pre or post treatment instructions, procedure videos, patient Frequently Asked Questions videos, and more. It is a vehicle that moves a prospective or new patient down the medical sales funnel and helps to convert a lead into a returning patient.

Video marketing allows you to educate your viewers, prove to them that you are capable of handling any medical problem or concerns that they may have, impress them with your expertise, build trust, and convince them to click on the “Make An Appointment” button on your website.

Med Aesthetics Group will help determine where to use video in your marketing and implement a successful video marketing strategy. 

✓ Bring Awareness to Practice
✓ Demonstrating Expertise
✓ Educational Videos
✓ Increase Appointments and Word of Mouth Referrals
✓ Promotional Videos

Reputation Management

For matters involving healthcare and medical services, patients are putting a lot of emphasis and consideration on the opinions of other patients, making your reviews particularly powerful. With the increased reliance on the internet, positive reputation management is now fundamental to professional success.

It is upsetting when negative coverage appears online, causing your years of hard work to be discredited. Especially when 68 percent of consumers have revealed that online reviews influence their decision-making process regarding a product or service (Moz). When your reputation is under attack, everything you value is at risk.

However, you don't have to let unfair reviews ruin your reputation or negatively impact your medical practice! With proactive strategy, physicians are able to tackle negative online reviews and encourage patients to place a good word on Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc.
Med Aesthetics Group will help you to combat negative content, rapidly repair your damaged reputation, reduce your vulnerability, and grow your reputation even better than before. 

✓ Conduct Deep Monitoring
✓ Ensure Your Reputation is Back in Your Control
✓ Increase Online Reviews
✓ Position Your Practice at its Best
✓ Prepare a Customized Data-Driven Strategic Methodology
✓ Promote Positive Content
✓ Protect Against Future Damage
✓ Rapidly Repair Reputation Attacks
✓ Remove and Bury Negative Results
✓ Track and Monitor 

Doctor Branding

A compelling, strong, memorable professional brand is crucial to a physician’s success. It is a positive way to differentiate yourself in the American healthcare workplace. It communicates who you are as a physician, what you are able to do, how your practice is different, and why you are better than the others.

Professional branding will extend visibility and public awareness, establish credentials and credibility, spotlight distinctive strengths and capabilities, increase patient demand and allegiance, engender stronger patient compliance, increase professional referral confidence and frequency, inspire champions and influencers, and enhance personal and professional satisfaction. With professional branding, you will control and direct what is unique and relevant about who you are as a physician.

Med Aesthetics Group will work closely with you to execute the brand concept – the hallmarks that are both verbally articulate and visually eye-catching – that will help you stand apart and above. 

✓ Brand Awareness
✓ Brand Buyer Persona
✓ Competitive Advantage
✓ Differentiate from the Competition
✓ Full Brand Development
✓ Photo and Video Package
✓ Overall Design and Visual Identity
✓ Unique Brand Voice

Research, Strategy, and Execution

You need a healthcare marketing strategy that doesn't just focus on acquiring new patients, but also on retaining them as loyal promoters of your medical practice.

Our research services will help your practice identify your ideal patients, competitors, value proposition, and unique differentiators. We will also recommend the ideal customer journey by identifying the patients' interests, preferences, and needs that will result in success.

With customized digital marketing solutions, physicians will be able to acquire more patients online and provide patients with a seamless experience throughout their patient journey, ensuring high retention of your patient base. Once research, strategy, branding, and web is completed for your practice, Med Aesthetics Group will execute your holistic digital marketing plan across multiple platforms and technologies. 

✓ Audience and Customer Insights
✓ Integrated Marketing Strategy
✓ Marketing Communication Consulting
✓ Marketing Management
✓ Market Research

Ready to Develop Your Marketing Game Plan?

In this day and age, marketing has become an essential part of any organization's growth – especially for medical practices. With advances in technology, patients now have access to more information than they ever had before regarding doctors and medical practices, making choosing a doctor no longer a random or arbitrary choice.  

Needless to say, a doctor’s online presence will carry a lot of weight in determining whether a patient chooses them as their physician. As a medical professional, you are in the “trust business” and have the potential of having many patients develop a trusting relationship that lasts for years. With the right marketing strategy, you will be able to build those long-lasting relationships.  

Between managing walk-ins and appointments, processing forms and medical reports, and caring for patients, it is difficult enough to keep a medical practice running efficiently. At Med Aesthetics Group, we have the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect marketing strategy for your medical practice. If you are ready to take your medical practice to the next level, reach out to us today. Our team of experts will examine your current marketing activities, provide you with actionable insights, and offer you a strategy that will increase traffic, attract new patients, and grow revenue.