Five Keys to Marketing Aesthetics

People don't like to be sold to. However, they love to buy. See our five keys to building patient trust in marketing and why are the foundation for building a great e-commerce program.

Establish trust through education.

Transparency establishes trust. We help you feed your patient base insights on treatments benefits, expectations, and downtime. This helps build the confidence of the potential patient eventually flipping the script from selling to buying.

Easy to understand benefits. (no doc talk)

Unlike traditional medical jargon that leaves patients baffled and overwhelmed, our e-commerce strategy breaks the provider-patient barrier. Patients are met with friendly marketing materials that emphasize the benefits of treatments in terms that are easy to comprehend.

Upfront pricing

Patients don't like to guess the cost of their treatment. With upfront pricing centered around results-oriented treatment packages, patients can understand the value of what they are purchasing without being put in an uncomfortable position.

Be transparent about downtime and outcomes.

Being transparent about what results patients can expect and what downtime is like before a procedure allows patients to have confidence and autonomy in the booking process. When patients trust you, they are likely to spend more.

Affordable pricing with easy payment plan enrollment

Don't miss out on younger patients who are eager to get treatments but don't have the funds. Buy Now, Pay Later platforms like Affirm allow you to get paid right away while your patient can pay in installments. This opens up an entirely new stream of patients and recurring revenue.

Kickass creative. Marketing that resonates.

Today's trends move at lightning speed. Whether it's a new TikTok trend, the latest movie, or seasonal excitement, there are dozens of opportunities your practice is missing to connect with patients.

They know what results they want, we educate them on what it takes to get them.

  • Establish trust through education
  • No doc talk
  • Upfront pricing
  • Transparency with downtime and outcomes
  • Affordablity through payment plans
  • Creative that resonates

More educated patients generate more bookings and confidence in decisions. A more confident patient is willing to pay upfront.

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