BOTOX and Filler Training for Dentists

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BOTOX and Filler Training For Dentists

BOTOX in dentistry is on the rise. After exploding the anti-aging capabilities in the beauty world, dental BOTOX and fillers are being applied for various cosmetic, medical, and pain relieving uses. 

Though its dental use is expanding, some still feel that BOTOX and dentistry are an unusual pair. Doesn't BOTOX belong in a medical spa? How can a traditional wrinkle remover fit into a dental setting? 

The truth is, BOTOX in dentistry is the way of the future.  It gives patients popular cosmetic options to achieve their desired smiles and beauty goals. It can also improve the experience and outcomes of many existing dental treatments. With relatively little start-up cost, it can boost your revenue stream and enlarge your patient base.  

With such high demand, it’s no surprise that more and more nurses, physicians, and other medical personnel are looking into becoming licensed injectors. 

Should I become a licensed injector?

You may be a dentist that sees BOTOX’s potential appeal for your practice… but still hesitates on pulling the trigger to get certified.

 We get it. 

You likely already have a busy workload within your practice.  Courses can be expensive. It requires effort to certify and integrate BOTOX and fillers into your existing dental processes. 

Is the investment worth it?

 YES! We will go over 5 reasons why your dental practice can benefit from adding BOTOX and fillers. We will also go over some necessary steps to becoming a certified BOTOX injector.

Botox and filler training for dentists can improve a practice in many ways.
5 Reasons Your Dental Practice NEEDS to Offer BOTOX and Fillers
1.  Expand Your Cosmetic Offerings

Dental BOTOX opens your doors for your patients cosmetic and beauty goals. Just as teeth whitening has been a popular offering, many patients will opt for BOTOX and fillers to beautify their faces and smiles. 

Most dentists begin by offering standard cosmetic treatments (traditionally found in a med spa). For example, they might offer treatment for crow's feet, frown lines, and the 11’s (the vertical lines between the eyebrows). Lip augmentation or “lip flips” are also very popular for many female patients.

As dentists become skilled in the standard BOTOX uses, they can move to more dental specialty or highly skilled cosmetic treatments. 

For example, dentists can treat and reduce gummy smiles with BOTOX injections. For patients with high lips, dental BOTOX can relax lip muscles to achieve a lower, more aesthetically pleasing smile.  It can also be used to fill the dreaded “black triangles” that have never had a great treatment solution. 

BOTOX and filler injecting are great tools to add to your cosmetic skill set. BOTOX and fillers help balance facial asymmetry, reduce aging effects on the face and neck, and improve patients’ smiles.

2. Deliver Better Dental Results

BOTOX can be used for more than beauty purposes. There are many standard dental procedures that can be aided by BOTOX injections.

For example, many patients struggle to adjust to dentures. BOTOX can relax and retrain shifting jaw muscles to accept these new additions. The outcome is a much easier transition for the patient and more natural-looking results. 

In a variety of dental surgeries, BOTOX can also be used as a pharmaceutical splint. BOTOX can “freeze” muscle movements to better allow the resetting of facial bones. Limited muscle movement during rehabilitation will also lead to a quicker recovery. 

By integrating BOTOX and fillers, you can deliver smoother and improved results for your patients.

3. Give Relief to Your Patients

Botox injections can change the lives of your patients in pain. Dentists and patients are witnessing reduced jaw pain, toothaches, headaches, and teeth and gums wearing down following injections. 

Botox can also help manage muscle-generated dental diseases like Brusixm and TMJ. Periodic injections can help relax hyperactive muscles and contractions, reducing many painful side effects.  

The need for pain relief is rising, as stress-related oral health conditions increase.  According to a 2021 study by the ADA, 71% of dentists reported an increase in teeth grinding and clenching, since the onset of Covid-19.  The data is clear that more and more patients are searching for relief.

The great news is that dental BOTOX is convenient, quick-acting, and fast. Performed right in office with just the use of a topical anesthetic, patients can often experience immediate results. The slight pinch (if anything at all) is a small price to pay for the potential pain relief!

4. Differentiate Your Practice

Growing a dental patient base can be challenging. Many practices are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand apart in an often saturated dental market.

The truth is, many patients choose dental providers solely based on who is closest to them. Many feel that dental procedures are standard across the board and it doesn't make much of a difference where they go. 

Adding BOTOX and fillers can be a way to differentiate your practice and incentivize prospective patients to travel further for your services. How?

  • Offering BOTOX and other popular services can send the message that your practice is modern and up-to-date in delivering the best treatments.
  • Patients appreciate the convenience of going to one place for multiple services. You are saving patients time and mental energy. They no longer have to research med spas for BOTOX and filler services. They already trust your practice, and it’s one less appointment to schedule.

Watch more patients come through your door by differentiating your practice with dental BOTOX and fillers.

5. Increase Your Revenue

Every practice is looking for ways to raise its top line. The good news is that BOTOX is a relatively low-cost revenue generator. 

There’s no need for extra treatment rooms or expensive equipment.  BOTOX and fillers can be injected within the existing dental rooms.  Minimal storage space is needed to hold the needles, serums, topical anesthetics, etc. needed for these injections. 

In addition, BOTOX and fillers can also be administered very quickly. It can easily be added to a normal appointment with a minimal extension of the time. However, you will record a much larger profit margin in your books. 
The previous reasons have focused on how BOTOX and fillers can enhance the patient experience, but it's also important to note the benefits to YOUR practice. 

Where should I go for BOTOX and filler training?

Are you convinced? If you feel that Dental BOTOX and fillers can be a beneficial expansion of your practice, you are likely wondering about your next steps.

Luckily, your options are greater than ever when it comes to certifying to become an injector. 

While some certification courses (like this one) are specifically geared to those with a dental background, the majority of training courses will admit any applicant with an equivalent medical or dental degree. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best BOTOX training courses in the country to help aid your search. You can quickly see that the certification varies from smaller in-house training to larger convention-type training events. Each model offers different benefits depending on your preferences.

Note: Each state varies slightly in its requirements for medical aesthetics training. Make sure you look up your state's requirements as you work to become certified. 

Commit to Adding BOTOX and Fillers to your Practice

With years of training in facial anatomy and injecting anesthetics into the face, dentists are prime candidates for becoming effective and skilled BOTOX injectors. And the benefits that come from certifying have never been greater!

See for yourself how BOTOX and fillers can enhance dental and aesthetic results, pain relief, patient convenience, etc. while also differentiating your practice and increasing your revenue. Join the many practices that are finding success by integrating BOTOX and other medical aesthetics into their dental services.

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