Your Un-Official Guide to Generating More 🚀Patients to Your Practice with Juvederm.
Your How to Guide to Marketing Allergan's Juvederm
Juvederm Marketing

Note: This guide is evolving. As web marketing changes and as we gain insight into offline channels, we will work towards making this the most comprehensive guide on marketing Juvederm effectively. Bookmark this page and return soon for future updates)During our consultations with physicians and med spa owners, we are often asked how to improve the number of clients a facility sees for Juvéderm. The hyaluronic acid filler is the top selling brand of fillers in the US and is quickly becoming a household name. Furthermore, the demand for the filler is ever rising as dermal fillers’ versatility increases. A popular option for both those wishing to treat signs of aging like loss of volume and younger patients looking to enhance their lips, jaw, or nose, this filler will undoubtedly continue to be a great product for patient acquisition.Our team of aesthetic marketing experts has put together this guide to discuss how to market Juvéderm for your medical practice, med spa, plastic surgery center, or dermatology office.This guide will heavily focus on how you can acquire new Juvéderm customers through digital marketing but will also touch on offline channels that have shown success.

Juvederm and Your Practice.

Behind every great Juvéderm marketing campaign is an amazing practice. Satisfied patients propel patient growth and make your marketing campaign much simpler. While a great marketing strategy can bring patients in, the quality of your services and practice are what make patients stay and drives referrals.You can already start marketing with your existing clientele. If you have patients come in for basic, noninvasive treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning you can introduce them to the idea of injectables like Juvéderm dermal fillers. Educate all of your patients regardless of age or gender, as many patients don’t know the versatility or potential of dermal fillers. Capitalize on the nonsurgical, no-downtime aspect of Juvederm, and you will have your patients’ interest, as many patients want changes but don’t want to go under the knife.

Your Allergan Representative 🙋🏼

Make sure you are in close contact with your CoolSculpting representative. Your representative likely works with several facilities and can give you insight into marketing strategies that will work to boost your CoolSculpting patient acquisition. Furthermore, your representative can give you access to marketing materials and educational information you can give to prospective patients. Materials like videos, pamphlets, or before and after images can be extremely beneficial to your marketing efforts.Be open and honest with your representative about how you want CoolSculpting to impact your practice and the goals you have in mind for patient acquisition.

Juvederm Marketing and Your Website

One of the most important aspects of Juvéderm marketing is that your site ranks high for the treatment in your area. When choosing a provider, most patients start with a Google search, and it is crucial that your site appears high up in the search results so that you get seen.It is important that your website has Juvéderm content on it, which will benefit your SEO efforts. It is important that you have at least one page dedicated to Juvéderm and the area you are trying to market to. For example, if your target patients were in Chicago you would want to make a page optimizing for the keyword “Juvéderm Chicago”.Your page should follow SEO best-practices by integrating long-form content, including links to other pages on your site, including images, and integrating keywords properly. Furthermore, your content should showcase your own experience and patient results while giving plenty of information about the treatment and answering frequently asked questions.Finally, make sure to make individual pages for other services that are popular and performed with Juvéderm like lip injections, nonsurgical nose job, jawline contouring, and more. Creating blog posts about Juvéderm can also help to supplement your main content and SEO efforts.

Getting Juvederm Patients Right Away.

Do you need to build your reputation and your clientele fast? While optimizing your website and building your organic search engine presence is absolutely necessary for a long-term Juvéderm marketing strategy, sometimes immediate results are needed and wanted. Crafting a paid search campaign is a great option for this as ads will ensure that potential patients in your market see your practice and click on you first.When you target specific Juvéderm keywords in your area and directed at the clientele you want, you can be visible right away.

Marketing Juvederm with Social Media

Social media is often the first place potential patients will go before choosing a provider. If you are not on popular social platforms like Facebook or Instagram and are not optimizing your profile and content, you need to start! Social media has become a hub for potential patients to learn more about treatments and providers.Utilize all of the features social platforms have to offer like stories, highlights, live Q&As, and more to reach the broadest audience. Create engaging content that showcases your Juvéderm services, results, and your practice. Patients love before and after photos and informational posts that are posted both frequently and regularly so it is important to plan your social media strategy with your Juvéderm marketing campaign in mind.

A Marketing Plan that Starts with Juvederm.

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