Jeuveau Marketing

Learn how to market Jeuveau as a powerful wrinkle removing solution.

Jeuveau Marketing: Your Guide to Building a Jeuveau Patient Base

Positive reviews are flooding in for Jeuveau, the “Newtox” of medical aesthetics.  Patients rave about its ability to smooth out forehead wrinkles and remove years of aging from their skin. Delivering results comparable with BOTOX, many medical spas could benefit from marketing and promoting this powerful anti-aging solution to their patients. 

Though FDA approved in 2019 for treating frown lines between the brows, many patients are still unaware of this powerful neurotoxin option. With a targeted marketing campaign, Jeuveau can increase your revenue and bring a new stream of patients to your door.  

We will briefly go over how Jeuveau compares and can be marketed in relation to BOTOX, and then go over the marketing arms that can position Juveau for success at your med spa.

BOTOX jobs are plentiful in the medical market.
Featuring Jeuveau in YOUR Med Spa

While Jeuveau hasn't yet built up the same name recognition as BOTOX, it's still finding rapid success as the newest wrinkle relaxer on the market.  In no more than a lunch break, patients can expect dramatically reduced wrinkles as soon as the next day, with virtually no downtime. 

How does Jeuveau compare to BOTOX? Its application, process and results are very similar. Jeuveau also uses botulism toxin, the same main ingredient as BOTOX, but its version uses Hi-Pure technology to purify and remove some potentially risky proteins. These extra steps make the final product a bit safer and less likely to build up antibody resistance for those who want to use Jeuveau as a long-term solution.

For patients who have built up a resistance to BOTOX and are not seeing the same results anymore, switching to Jeuveau might be a great move. (Note: patients should talk with an experienced provider if they are thinking of switching. For example, it should not be taken at the same time as BOTOX).

Deciding between Jeuveau and BOTOX also depends on the treatment area. Patients looking to minimize the frown lines between their brows are great candidates for Jeuveau. BOTOX has been approved to treat a wide range of wrinkles outside of the 11’s and will likely be the best option for other areas. 

In order to  book out your Jeuveau treatments, your marketing  need to build awareness, educate and showcase outstanding results. Let’s dive into how  deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns can position Jueveau for success in your med spa.

5 Ways to Effectively Market Jeuveau
1. Website: Establish Jueveau on your Site

In order to find marketing success, Jueveau needs a permanent space on your website.

Your website is the online equivalent of your physical office. Just as you promote new treatments in your office in the reading material and posted promotions, your website needs to feature Jueveau.  Acting like a front desk, your website needs to answer basic questions about Jueveau, direct patients to talk further with an experienced injector (consider virtual consultations), and offer booking paths. 

Remember, a patients opinion of your practice is influenced by first impressions.  If a new patient was to walk into a dark, dingy or unorganized med spa, they would likely turn around and think twice about booking with you. Similarly, an online patient develops an impression of you based off your aesthetic branding, professionalism, clarity, and  the ease of navigating your site.

So begin by brushing up on your website design and med spa branding. Once your website is in good shape, you can dive deep into your treatment page for Jeuveau. While a homepage can provide a snippet about Jeuveau with a link to its page, the treatment page should dive deep into what interested patients want to know. Overview how Jeuveau works, what a patient should expect before/during/after treatment, answer FAQ’s, showcase results, and build trust in your injectors. 

Show that Jeuveau is a core offering at your med spa by carving out a quality space on your website to market and promote it.  

2. SEO: Become Google’s Go-To Jeuveau Source

Patients are catching wind about Jeuveau, and then investigating further on Google. Make sure your website is front and center as a source of answers!

But how can you get your website ranking high on Google search results? It often comes down to adding search engine optimizations to your website.

SEO begins with solid content. While written in a friendly tone, your pages need to cut out the fluff and easily give patients the info they are seeking. (Bounce rates show if you’re on track here). Beyond content,  there are a handful of minor adjustments such as compressing image size, internally linking, etc. that can improve the speed, mobile usability and overall working of your site. These tweaks help your patients better navigate your site AND helps Google read and highly index your site. 

Make sure your new treatment page on Jeuveau is especially optimized to succeed. For example,  internally link your Jeuveau page on multiple pages throughout your site. This will build up its credibility as an authoritative Jeuveau source. 

Patients will be coming to Google with their questions about Jeuveau. Make sure your website is the option they click on to find their answers!

3. PPC Ads: Grow Jeuveau Exposure  

Patients rarely book a Jeuveau appointment the first time they hear about it. And they rarely book with your med spa the first time they come across it either! Patients need MULTIPLE instances of exposure to book Jeuveau at YOUR med spa. 

So how do you build exposure? PPC Ads and other forms of advertising go far in building up those needed interactions. 

However, just throwing up ads on the internet is not enough. Patients are generally very good at blocking out ads that are irrelevant or uncaptivating. Many med spas have failed to get the return they hope for when it comes to ads. To have the most impact your ads need to be targeted, timely, and meet patients where they are in relation to your practice and Jeuveau.

Those who find success use many principles of the Aesthetic Marketing Funnel. This breakdown helps you identify different demographics of viewers (with varying range of exposure to you and Jeuveau). You can then tailor ads that meet them where they are in their path to booking. 

The good news is that you don't need to stab at this process blindly. Platforms like Facebook offer many tools to help you hone in on patients based off characteristics such as online behavior, interests, lookalike audiences, location, etc. 

Begin placing targeted ads about Jeuveau and watch your bookings rise!

4. Social Media: Use Peer Promotion

One of the best ways to market Jeuveau directly to prospective patients is on your social media platforms. If you havent already, make sure your med spa has a presence on platforms such as Instagram,  Facebook, TikTok and Youtube. 

The truth is, your med spa needs a social presence is because patients expect it. If they cant find you on social, they may likely assume you’re a new start-up or behind the times. 

And your social platforms do way more than just validate your med spa. Patients will use your accounts to discover and research new treatments like Jeuveau, see what peers who have tried it are saying, check out results, and get an insider view on the treatment and your med spa.

Social media marketing offers an angle that no other marketing channel really holds: a peer community. Patients may take your words of praise with a grain of salt (because they know you financially gain from bookings). However, a review from a friend or influencer they trust can quickly dissolve any reservations they have about booking. 

So use this peer validation angle! Incentive patients to post their experience and results with Jeuveau. Then re-post across your accounts. Work with influencers to promote your product (a discounted treatment is worth the kind of exposure they can generate with a review on their account). 

To run a successful Jeuveau campaign, you need to utilize your social media platforms!

Jeuveau marketing over text and email channels.
5. Text and Email Marketing: Mine Your Subscriber Lists

Building a Jeuveau base doesn't mean you need to find all new patients. Use the contacts already collected in your subscriber lists!

To gain the best booking outcomes (and not earn yourself unsubscribes from uninterested patients)  target patients who have done other anti-aging treatments. Provide a chance over email for them to show interest. Then insert them to the workflow of a Jeuveau email marketing campaign. 

Email marketing is an ideal educational platform. Emails allows more space than other limited mediums like social media posts or text. In a brief series of educational emails, you have the space to  dive into patients questions, overview Jeuveau, and most importantly showcase stunning results. 

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with too big of an email. Keep it digestible with obvious headers, catchy lines, and stunning visuals. An effective photo or video is worth a thousand words. And of course, provide opportunities to learn more by scheduling consultations.

While email is great for educational campaigns, text messaging marketing can also be highly effective. While emails can be buried for days, weeks, or indefinitely in a patient’s inbox, a text is almost guaranteed to be read immediately. Don't take that access for granted! Patients are quick to unsubscribe from texts, so use your Jeuveau texts sparingly. Load them  with as much value as possible. For example, an expiring offer can build the excitement and ticking clock needed to get patients to book! 

Target patients within your own subscriber lists and watch the bookings roll in!

Commit to a Jeuveau Marketing Campaign Today

Jeuveau’s results will sell themselves…if they are seen.  Your job is to build awareness by spreading Jeuveau’s results to high interest patient pools.

By coordinating your marketing efforts over your website, ads, Social media platforms, and text and email subscriber lists, you can build the exposure and excitement Jeuveau needs to earn bookings. Through a deliberate and targeted marketing campaign you can bring in new Jeuveau patients and see a boost in your revenue.

Aesthetic Experience Matters

Choose a medical marketing company that has a track record of driving new patients to practices.

Motivate, educate and convert prospective leads into bookings.