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Jeuveau Marketing: Your Guide to Building a Jeuveau Patient Base

Positive reviews are flooding in for Jeuveau, the “Newtox” of medical aesthetics.  Patients rave about its ability to smooth out forehead wrinkles and remove years of aging from their skin. Delivering results comparable with BOTOX, many medical spas could benefit from marketing and promoting this powerful anti-aging solution to their patients. 

Though FDA approved in 2019 for treating frown lines between the brows, many patients are still unaware of this powerful neurotoxin option. With a targeted marketing campaign, Jeuveau can increase your revenue and bring a new stream of patients to your door.  

We will briefly go over how Jeuveau compares and can be marketed in relation to BOTOX, and then go over the marketing arms that can position Juveau for success at your med spa.

BOTOX jobs are plentiful in the medical market.
Featuring Jeuveau in YOUR Med Spa

While Jeuveau hasn't yet built up the same name recognition as BOTOX, it's still finding rapid success as the newest wrinkle relaxer on the market.  In no more than a lunch break, patients can expect dramatically reduced wrinkles as soon as the next day, with virtually no downtime. 

How does Jeuveau compare to BOTOX? Its application, process and results are very similar. Jeuveau also uses botulism toxin, the same main ingredient as BOTOX, but its version uses Hi-Pure technology to purify and remove some potentially risky proteins. These extra steps make the final product a bit safer and less likely to build up antibody resistance for those who want to use Jeuveau as a long-term solution.

For patients who have built up a resistance to BOTOX and are not seeing the same results anymore, switching to Jeuveau might be a great move. (Note: patients should talk with an experienced provider if they are thinking of switching. For example, it should not be taken at the same time as BOTOX).

Deciding between Jeuveau and BOTOX also depends on the treatment area. Patients looking to minimize the frown lines between their brows are great candidates for Jeuveau. BOTOX has been approved to treat a wide range of wrinkles outside of the 11’s and will likely be the best option for other areas. 

In order to  book out your Jeuveau treatments, your marketing  need to build awareness, educate and showcase outstanding results. Let’s dive into how  deliberate website design, SEO, ads, social media, text, and email campaigns can position Jueveau for success in your med spa.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Jeuveau
1. Become Visible: Website and SEO
2. Target Your Marketing: PPC, Facebook ads, etc.
3. Get Social: Social Media Marketing
4. Activate Your Base: Text and Email Marketing
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