What is Medical Aesthetics?

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"What is Medical Aesthetics?" A Beginners Guide to Non-Invasive Treatments

Thanks to the popularity brought from social media influencers and ever growing patient demand, the term “medical aesthetics” is becoming a more common medical and household name.

However, many are still unsure of what exactly falls under the umbrella of “medical aesthetics.” A mumbled “Botox?” would be most people’s first response. While BOTOX is definitely one of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments, the list of non-invasive aesthetic services is much longer and continuing to expand. 

In this guide, we will start by answering the question: “What is medical aesthetics?” We will also go over frequently asked questions about the most popular treatments, who can practice, and other details of where it falls in the current medical landscape.

5 FAQs about Medical Aesthetics
1. What is Medical Aesthetics?
2. Why is Medical Aesthetics So Popular?
3. What are the Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments?
4. Who Can Practice Medical Aesthetics?
5. How Can I Add Medical Aesthetics to My Practice?
Medical Aesthetics: Medicine + Beauty's Exciting Frontier

Squarely owning the space between topical beauty treatments (with often short-term, minimal results) and full on surgical operations, it's no wonder  so many are turning to medical aesthetics as a non-invasive middle ground to reach their beauty goals.

From lip fillers to BOTOX to medical grade skincare, the options for longer-lasting aesthetic beauty treatments are greater than ever. As this medical field continues to advance, we expect general popularity to keep rising as the results continue to sell themselves.

Aesthetic Experience Matters

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