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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is the cornerstone marketing channel for all treatments and procedures your practice offers. When enhancing your marketing efforts with med spa PPC, you can expect to receive calls and online requests from new patients immediately.

We are experts at running paid search (PPC) campaigns, particularly on Google Ads (previously known as Google Ad Words). In addition, our team is very knowledgeable about all the latest treatments in the industry. This experience enables us to run campaigns at a high level of return without the long learning curve of learning the industry.

We have accumulated data on consumer search behavior for the most common treatments.
We know which keywords are the most likely to lead to a call, or a consultation request. All of our campaigns are composed of thousands of keywords that are handpicked and managed by our experts.

Take advantage of our expertise and choose us for your paid search management efforts for your medical and aesthetic marketing efforts.

Med Spa PPC and Your Marketing Strategy

Many of our previous clients have let us know that they did not have much success with Google Ads until they chose us to manage their PPC campaigns. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads and not see a return.

However, when done effectively, PPC can be the largest driver of consultations across your marketing campaign. It starts with understanding that advertising on Google enables you to meet consumers that already actively searching for a treatment or have a current condition they’d like to address. Understand that every visitor has value even though they might not be ready to schedule a consultation, treatment or procedure.

There are multiple categories of keywords that our PPC efforts can target. You have to segment keywords, combine them with incentives and offers as well as providing an amazing landing page experience to compel the visitor to take the next step.

Our multi-pronged approach that utilizes careful selection of campaigns, aesthetic offers and landing pages will help make the most out of every click.

PPC Keyword Categories

Concern Based Keywords: These keywords are based on the type of concern the consumer wants to address. They are specific keywords your potential patients will search for such as “double chin removal,” “aging spots” and “droopy eyelids.” Such keywords are further up in the funnel and are generally high volume keywords. Although they signal intent, you have to optimize and bid on these carefully to not waste budget. The competitors bidding against you also have a wide range of products, medical and aesthetic services, and providers which are all factors that can increase the cost of bids.

Concern based keywords for med spa PPC.

Brand Name Keywords: Brand name keywords are the simplest ones to manage and easy to find. Brand keywords include the brand name such as BOTOX, CoolSculpting, Juvederm, Restylane and more. However, segmentation within these are also critical as they can be divided by intention. For instance, the keyword “Coolsculpting Before and After” will have a different value and intent than “Coolsculpting Near Me.” These keywords also are always more likely to convert if paired with a coupon offer as well a great landing page.

Treatment Based Keywords: Closer to signaling intent, treatment based keywords show that the consumer is just about ready to make a decision. Keywords such as “best filler for cheeks,” “laser hair removal” and “lip injections” are great examples. You’ll notice with these keywords that there is no loyalty to a brand and/or facility. These are very high value keywords and you must make the most out of every visit you generate from showing keyword based ads in Google search results.

Comparative Based Keywords: We love these keywords as they signal a consumer that is deep into their research. These information seeking keywords serve as great reminders that most consumers do not know the difference of many of these products and procedures and are still investigating which one is right for them. These keywords include those like “CoolSculpting vs Liposuction,” “Botox vs Juvederm,” “Restylane vs Versa” and “Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling.”

Competitive Keywords [NOT RECOMMENDED]: We frequently receive requests or questions as to whether or not you should bid on competitor brand names. We advise against it. For one, Google raises the cost per click for these types of keywords when you are not the brand owner. This makes bidding on these types of keywords not cost effective. While competitive keywords can garner you visits and possibly clients from someone searching for someone else’s brand, they come at a high cost. Time, resources, and focus are better spent elsewhere.

KEYPOINT : The fact that these keywords drive so much volume are point in proof that you need to be visible on Google Ads. With little to no allegiance, consumers tend to turn to Google to find information on new treatments and procedures. Though they actively search for your medical spa, cosmetic surgery practice or medical process, they still turn to Google for their most sought after questions.

Using Pay Per Click to Drive Patient Acquisition in Medical and Aesthetics Practices.

Running a PPC program for medical and aesthetic procedures takes a strong expertise of the procedures as well as understanding of the path a patient takes to ultimately decide which practice to visit for their procedure. Sometimes, the consumer is just seeking validation of a decision already made, and sometimes they are truly investigating which procedure and physician, facility and/or practice is best for them. Understanding the consumer (by realizing that all might not be ready to book) is paramount to running an effective program. Making the most of every visit and seeing value in upper funnel searches will have you running a strategic PPC program that delivers both short and long-term results.

At Med Aesthetics Group we are experts in using PPC to drive patient acquisition. To learn more about our PPC packages and other aesthetics-focused marketing services or book a free demo to get started with us today!

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