E-Commerce Med Spa Marketing targeted to Males

Smart, targeted and tailored offers for your male client base.

Looking to generate more revenue from males? In a very competitive industry, you must look to all aspects of your client base.

Most aesthetic and medical practices forget about males. Males are an untapped channel of revenue. Most practices also say that can be a simpler patient to service.

Our marketing experts create impactful marketing that jumps off the screen and compels the male to take action.

In this case we combined BRO-TOX with a Complimentary TRT Consultation. An ideal match for males that targeted both facial aging as well as testosterone level testing.

We create marketing that targets, speaks and converts males in order to drive sales from them.

Paired Offers that Excite

Combo Offers to Rope Them In

Men want clear messaging that leads them to an easy decision making process. We make it simple. Start your e-commerce sales and marketing program and start generating new revenue this month.

Marketing that speaks to male demographics

BROTOX tailored messaging that speaks the male language.

Stop missing out on revenue from male demographics. To capture this revenue, you must create marketing messaging and creative that speaks directly to them.

Make it easy and simple to understand. The male demographic has a history of impulse purchases. Take advantage of this by creating killer creative that speaks directly to them.

In this example we marketed BOTOX Cosmetic by leveraging the theme of "BROTOX". We combined this with easy to understand messaging along with a facial treatment that makes sense as a same day treatment.

Leveraging e-commerce sales and marketing. Males were able to purchase immediately. This enabled us to take advantage of any impulse purchases.

E-Commerce Med Spa Marketing targeted to Males

Modern designs that are easy to understand that gives an instant path to buying 24/7.

Dropping treatment marketing that is very easy to understand. In this case, a leading medical spa wanted to increase the amount of PRP hair treatments they sold to males.

Our expert marketing team that has extensive experience marketing aesthetic treatments created a comprehensive email that covered all aspects of PRP hair loss treatments.

We combined this email with e-commerce so that the client could immediately buy when they were reading the email.

Results were spectacular. With Pay Pal and payment plans offered, clients moved forward with purchasing these treatments online.

Marketing that speaks to male demographics

Seasonal aesthetic marketing paired with targeted messaging for males.

Make it easy to understand and easy to buy and you will be rewarded. Everyone loves convenience. Males are known for being impulse buyers.

Here we combined targeted marketing towards males that promoted male plasma shots for erectile dysfunction.

We also incentivized online purchasing with a complimentary twenty units of Xeomin for free.

You'll also we partnered with a local charity and donated a portion of sales to a local dog shelter.