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Daxxify: The New and Improved BOTOX

Are your patients asking for the latest and greatest aesthetics treatments? Turn your med spa into a forward-thinking destination by incorporating Daxxify.

While Botox has long been the standard for achieving smoother, wrinkle-free skin, its relatively short-lived results have left many patients looking for more. Daxxify, the latest player in the world of injectables, offers a similar effect but with a notable twist – instead of BOTOX’s three to six months, these results  keep frown lines at bay for six to nine months! 

It’s no surprise that more and more patients are signing up for this exciting injectable. With results this good, adopting Daxxify into your treatment lineup and building your Daxxify marketing strategy may be the smartest move to grow your med spa. 

So let’s explore your Daxxify marketing potential! We’ll go over some of Daxxify's marketable benefits, and then dive into crafting your own Daxxify marketing strategy.

Daxxify Marketing at its best

Position Daxxify for Success at your Med Spa

FDA-approved to treat glabellar lines in September of 2022, many claim Daxxify is the first true innovation in neuromodulators in over 30 years! 

Read on for 5 marketable benefits you can use to educate and generate excitement about this cutting-edge injectable.

Revolutionary Longevity

Imagine the excitement of a patient who typically undergoes BOTOX treatments every few months when they discover the potential for results that last up to nine months!

With Daxxify, patients can enjoy a refreshed and youthful appearance for much longer, and say goodbye to constantly scheduling appointments.

Advanced Peptide Technology

Daxxify's unique formulation, powered by Peptide Exchange Technology, sets it apart from the rest.

This innovative approach ensures precise delivery of the botulinum toxin to nerve cells, effectively reducing the appearance of frown lines.

Plus, it's free of human serum albumin and animal-based components, making it a top choice for those who prefer purity and safety.

Fast-acting Results

With Daxxify, patients can expect results as early as one day after treatment.

This means patients can quickly enjoy a smoother, more youthful look without a long waiting period. 

So if patients have a wedding or event they are trying to freshen up for, this injectable can deliver results quickly.

Convenience and Pricing

With Daxxify, patients need fewer annual treatments compared to traditional injectables. This translates to both time and cost savings.

However, Daxxify’s price is currently much higher than BOTOX. For that reason, your practice may want to position it as a “premium product” for those looking for longer-lasting results using innovative technology.


Daxxify isn't just hype; it's backed by dermatology experts who recognize its potential.

Dermatologists and injectors alike are excited about the convenience and results it offers to their patients.

Knowing that experts in the field support Daxxify should give patients confidence in its effectiveness.

Stay at the Forefont of Aesthetics

Being at the forefront of aesthetics means embracing innovation.

Daxxify represents the latest advancement in the field, and by choosing it, patients can stay ahead of the curve in achieving their desired look.

Daxxify is not just another injectable–it can be a game changer for your patients and your med spa! But first you have some work to do to grow awareness, build a patient base, and carve a space next to BOTOX's household name.

4 Marketing Strategies that Can Build Your Daxxify Patient Base

1. Build Up Daxxify on your Website and Landing Pages to become an online authority and facilitate bookings

Establishing your authority with Daxxify and driving bookings all begins with your website and landing pages.  

Start by creating informative and engaging content that educates visitors about the unique benefits of Daxxify. Highlight its longevity, advanced peptide technology, and expert endorsements. Show off real-life results with before-and-after pictures and happy patient testimonials to build trust. Make it easy for visitors to take action by using clear "Book Now" buttons and other calls-to-action (CTAs) to schedule consultations and book Daxxify appointments.

Incorporate proven SEO strategies to ensure your website ranks well in search engines and attracts a broader audience. Then as you regularly update your content with fresh insights, blog posts, news, and success stories related to Daxxify you maintain your authority and keep visitors coming back for more. 

 With a well-rounded online presence, you'll position Daxxify as the go-to wrinkle removal solution and drive bookings from eager patients.

2. Invest in pay-per-click ads to target primed candidates

Investing in paid-per-click (PPC) marketing can be a highly effective strategy to drive Daxxify bookings and boost your med spa’s revenue. 

Start by identifying relevant keywords and phrases related to Daxxify treatments and aesthetic enhancements. Craft compelling ad copy that highlights the unique benefits of Daxxify, such as its long-lasting results and expert endorsements. Ensure your landing pages are optimized for conversions, with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and easy appointment booking options. 

Set a budget and monitor your PPC campaigns closely, adjusting as needed to maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

With PPC, you have the potential to target a highly targeted audience who are eager to try Daxxify. Set a budget and monitor your PPC campaigns closely, adjusting as needed to maximize your return on investment (ROI), and maximize your bookings.

3. Generate excitement on Social Media to build up your patient base

To elevate your med spa's visibility and drive excitement around Daxxify, maximize your social media marketing. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 ways to promote Daxxify on your social media.

  1. Educate and introduce Daxxify: Start by creating engaging, informative posts that highlight the unique benefits of Daxxify compared to other neuromodulators. Host live Q&A sessions or informative videos featuring your team of experts to discuss Daxxify.
  2. Let the results do the talking: Share before-and-after photos, video evidence, and patient testimonials to showcase its transformative effects. Encourage patients to vouch for their treatments to their friends by re-posting their content and highlighting their experiences.
  3. Show up in popular searches: Utilize popular aesthetics-related hashtags to show up in searches. Run targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential clients in your area who may be interested in Daxxify.
  4. Interact with your base:  Get the conversation going. Ask for patient questions about Daxxify.  Respond to comments and messages promptly. 
  5. Provide insider access: Use Instagram and Facebook Stories to provide a sneak peek into the treatment process and a look around your med spa. Seeing the process for themselves removes many barriers to booking.

By maintaining an active and engaging social media presence, you can effectively introduce Daxxify to a broader audience and establish your med spa as a trusted source for this cutting-edge treatment.

4. Find and motivate internal candidates to book Daxxify through email and text marketing.

When it comes to finding internal candidates to book Daxxify, nothing beats email.

Email marketing provides the space for in-depth education with a personal touch, explaining all the fantastic perks of Daxxify. Use emails to educate patients about Daxxify, share real stories (and visual results) from happy patients, and throw in easy-to-navigate booking links. A series of brief educational emails can quickly generate interest.

While emails dives deep, text marketing is ideal for speedy and direct inviations for booking.  Send out quick, concise, and personalized texts that convey the advantages of Daxxify and offer promotions.

Patients are quick to unsubscribe from text marketing. So make sure each text contains value to keep patients happy to see a text from you. Send out time-sensitive offers and reminders, to nudge patients to book their Daxxify appointments.

Done well, email and text channels can keep internal patients well-informed and incentivized to book their first/next Daxxify appointment!  

Embrace the Daxxify Opportunity for your Med Spa

Incorporating Daxxify into your med spa offerings is a smart move that can give your practice a fresh edge. 

Using email, text, ads, social media and more, you can quickly spread the word about this long-lasting injectable. Crafted for your target audience, a strategic Daxxify marketing plan can ultimately grow your practice, attract diverse clients, and set you apart in the competitive aesthetics scene.