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Are you a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician, looking to expand your skill set? Find the best BOTOX and  filler training program with certifications in the US for you!

This is the most comprehensive directory of BOTOX & Fiiller training courses. Save this page to stay up to date. Capitalize on this growing industry and apply today!

BOTOX Training Courses in the US

BOTOX training and certification programs provide the necessary foundation to becoming a licensed medical aesthetics provider.

However, it can be challenging to determine the best Botox courses and filler training
for you. The internet will quickly bring up pages of training programs all promising to be the perfect fit. 

Some of these programs are large, well-known, and pull students nationwide for a weekend training with a “retreat feel”. Others are smaller scale but may offer the benefits of one on one training in a real-world medical spa. We have highlighted below acclaimed training programs across the country to help you see some of your options!

(Be sure to read past the program list for our four important questions to consider when choosing a BOTOX certification course).

1. Advanced Aesthetics The Med Spa

Location: Las Vegas
Price: $3000
Program Overview: Two-day course covering the knowledge and skill set of most common injectable treatments
The School Las Vegas
This training course is commonly sold out and for good reason! The instructors are highly recommended and certified by Allergan (maker of Botox and Juvederm) as one of the top eight “facial and body aesthetic practices in the country.” Its comprehensive course covers the “history, theory, anatomy, treatment areas, indications, contraindications, complications, storage/reconstitution, safety, dosages and injecting techniques including cannula use.” It also offers one on one training from an instructor as students treat two neurotoxin and two filler patients.

2. National Laser Institute

Locations: 15 nationwide locations. Main location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Price: Multiple program prices. Hybrid course: $10,950
Program Overview: Variety of program options: from one-day to two-week courses. Recommended Hybrid course: Five online class days and 10 hands-on clinical days.
National Laser Institute
With 18 years of experience and 20,000 graduates, this program claims to be the leading training brand in the country. The cosmetic injection programs include demonstrations on Botox, dermal fillers, advanced injection areas, PDO threads, PRP training, Kybella, and Sclerotherapy. Raving reviews said the clout of this program alone helped them get a position over other applicants. Extra benefits include monthly job leads sent out by graduate services, and an extensive resource library.

3. IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine)

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Price: $1,295 - $4,095
Program Overview: One to four-day programs that cover the top five non-invasive procedures.
IAPAM prides itself on its internationally recognized aesthetic medicine and Botox  certification.  Five expert dermatologists lead the small hands-on training courses in a real-world Dermatology practice (not a hotel room). This program also offers ongoing support with business aspects such as marketing initiatives and how to start a profitable aesthetics practice. 

4. Medical Aesthetics Art Institute

Locations: Various locations in the Western US
Program Overview: One-day comprehensive programsMedical Aesthetic Art Institute
The comprehensive course is designed to set up a new medical aesthetics provider with everything they need to have a foundation in BOTOX and fillers. In addition to theory and hands-on training, students are also given a student reference manual, emergency protocol with supplies, and a basic injection starter kit. They focus on neuromodulators in the upper half of the face and dermal fillers in the bottom half. The program recently added Cannulas as part of their training. More advanced course options are available as well.

5. Injectability Clinic

Location: Torrance, California
Price: $2700
Program Overview: One-day programs with eight hour class time
Injectability Clinic

While limited to just one location, this training program offers small class sizes and one on one hands-on training mentorship. Injectability specializes in their training programs based on experience: fundamental beginner courses, advanced courses with six+ months of injecting experience, and master courses. The training curriculum is designed by the renowned practitioner, developer, and educator Leslie Fisher. Of her many contributions, she holds the only patent granted in the US for a dermal filler technique.

6. ABAM (American Board of Aesthetic Medicine)

Locations: San Diego, New Jersey, Florida
Price: $1900 for day course
Program Overview: Variety of programsAmerican Board of Aesthetic Medicine
This training offers a range of academic, comprehensive programs. Their programs range from a one-day Botox training camp to a year-long fellowship training for physicians (that concludes with a board examination review of multiple treatments). ABAM courses are taught by physician experts teaching in their field specialty, with small class sizes.

7. AmSpa: Academy for Injection Anatomy

Locations: Circulates throughout the country
Price: $4100-$4650 
Program Overview: 2-day course, held in different convention centers/hotels
American Med Spa Association
This program is for those who want to dive deep into the science of facial anatomy. In addition to classroom instruction by qualified leaders in the field, students gain a 3-D understanding of facial anatomy through a cadaver lab. Additionally, participants also posted positive feedback about a panel that covers case studies of treatment complications.

8. BOTOX Guru at Juvanni Med Spa

Locations: Juvanni Med Spa in Yonkers, New York
Program Overview: Four-day in-person training (or individual class options)
Price: $5350 for four-day course, $2150 for a one-day training, etc. (Price does not include supplies, can be purchased on site).
Botox Guru at Juvanni Med Spa
Juvanni is a leading New York anti-aging center. In addition to successfully delivering treatments to their patients, they offer a wide range of training courses on various anti-aging procedures, common mistakes, and business training (integrating new procedures into your practice, generating organic leads, etc.). For example, they offer a four-day weekend course covering BOTOX, upper and lower face shaping, and injecting mistakes. Another weekend covers PDO threads for the face/jaw, chin/neck, laser facials, and social media business skills. Other courses cover obesity management, hair restoration, anti-aging vitamins, etc. Attendees have the flexibility to buy the full weekend package or opt for individual classes.

9. Empire Medical Training

Locations: 15 nationwide cities
Program Overview: Virtual training/online exam prerequisite before attending one day live patient workshop
Price: Various Classes. Dermal Filler/Cannulas Course: $1399
Empire Medical Training
Empire Medical Training is considered a leader in Botox and other aesthetic training as it has been educating for over 23 years and produced 150,0000 graduates. They offer courses from beginner to the most advanced injector training. They pride themselves in only selecting instructors who are board-certified physicians, specialists in their area of expertise, Practice Owners, and often opinion leaders or “celebrity” physicians in the field. If students join the membership, they will have access to 45 aesthetic courses and member networking benefits.

10. Abraza Skin Institute

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Price: Botox and Fillers Course $1899
Program Overview:
Offers a range of classes. Students are required to complete the online courses before attending hands-on training at Abraza’s MedSpa. 
Abraza Skin Institute
Abraza’s courses offer online education and prevention courses before coming in for hands-on training. They offer small class sizes, education on marketing strategies, and consulting training. They also offer an “Abraza Ambassadors” program and network for those who would like to sell Abraza skin care wholesale products.

11. Botox Training New York

Location: New York
Price: Starting at $2499
Program Overview: One-day live events
Botox Training New York
Based in his New York training facility, this program allows participants to learn from Dr. Katz, the inventor listed on the Botulinum Toxin patent. His program covers the use of Dermal Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Botox (both anti-aging uses and also how Botox can be used for depression, migraines, TMD, and other uses).  Exclusive only to this training program, he also shares his Dentox LIFT technique- the use of injectables to drastically improve cheekbone and jawline aesthetics. In addition to in-person training on procedures on actual patients, this course also covers how to prevent and correct common mistakes made in the field and how to grow your practice organically. 

12. The Aesthetic Show

Location: WYNN Las Vegas
Price: conference price: $995, add-on training courses: $725+
Program Overview:
Four-day conference programThe Aesthetic Show
The Aesthetic Show brings together injectable training, practice management, networking (with product providers and key opinion leaders), and much more in one multi-specialty conference.  Attendees get to choose from a range of different classes during each time slot. This is a conference that would hold value for ALL members of your staff (and they offer group discounts!).

Note: while the conference registration gives access to CME workshops, practice management classes, exhibit hall, etc, an attendee would need to additionally register/pay for “add-on training programs” such as injectable training or a thread lift master class.

Questions To Consider While Choosing a Training Course

Now that you have looked over our picks of aesthetic training programs, you might be asking some of these questions: 

-Are bigger, national programs that circulate the country with weekend training options best? 
-Or are smaller, more hands-on programs in actual med spas the way to go?
-Should I look into Botox training programs near me or travel to highly ranked training centers?
-How much time and money should I invest in training?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all your questions and program possibilities. As you weigh your options, you should consider the answers to these four questions:

  • What are the requirements for practicing aesthetic medicine in my state?

    The joke goes that some states will require you to become a registered doctor, while other states will let you practice after reading a pamphlet. While this may have been the case years ago, states and practices around the country are tightening up on their regulations for the safety and effectiveness of these treatments. They are looking for trained professionals who are good at what they do.

    Most states and training programs require that you are a registered nurse (or higher) before receiving medical aesthetic training. From there, you will find a varying list of requirements to receive your aesthetics license. Many training programs help you meet these requirements by offering proof of training hours (CME’s) and other certifications to put towards your state requirements.

    Make sure the training program you choose meets both the requirements for licensure in your state and adequately prepares you to safely and effectively deliver treatments to your patients. 

  • Does this program provide quality hands-on training?

    A quality BOTOX and dermal filler training program needs to provide a well-rounded education.  It needs to offer both the theoretical knowledge of facial anatomy and treatment medicine as well as the hands-on experience of providing injectables and treatments.

    Be wary of discounted online-only programs. A nurse should really only consider a 100% online training program if they already have experience in injectables or are connected to a practice that can provide in-person training and mentorship. However, even if this is the case, a filler training program with hands-on experience will likely still increase your effectiveness and confidence in providing treatment. 

    Hands-on training is worth your time and money.

  • How qualified are the instructors?

    You only want the best and most qualified in the industry to provide your aesthetics training. 

    While medical aesthetics is newer on the medical scene, it's been around long enough to produce providers with over a decade of experience in this field.

    Pay attention to who is providing your filler training and BOTOX certification:  Who wrote the curriculum? How much education and real-world experience have your trainers had in the field? Are your educators still relevant in aesthetics and equipped to teach you the newest procedures and science?

  • What additional benefits do I want outside of injectable training?

    Besides practical and theoretical training, there are other benefits provided by training programs. 

    If you are new to this field, you may want a BOTOX course that can provide networking and potential job leads. If you are hoping to help grow an aesthetics practice, a database of resources, supplier connections, and training in business management may be beneficial.
    Determine your needs and career goals as you decide on a training program. Ongoing mentorship, job leads, business training, networking opportunities, etc. all may be important factors in determining the right training program.

With the answers to the previous questions in mind, you can better sift through the host of aesthetic training programs offered throughout the United States.

Learn how to inject Botox

(Not only is BOTOX training important on an individual level, quality training also inspires confidence for the patients coming to your med spa. Learn how to market injector training:
BOTOX Marketing Guide).

Choosing A Medical Aesthetic Training Program

Many injectors have walked away from even one day of training feeling new confidence in their ability to deliver Botox and other medical aesthetics to their patients. 

Whether you choose from this list or not, make an educated decision in choosing a Botox certification and filler training program that sets you up to safely and confidently practice medical aesthetics. The cost may seem steep upfront, but your personal development can lead to big payouts and career satisfaction as you provide highly sought-after aesthetic treatments. 

Aesthetic Experience Matters

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Motivate, educate and convert prospective leads into bookings.