Affiliate Policy

Med Aesthetics Group uses affiliate links throughout its website. You may notice specific companies or products being recommended or highlighted in our content. These links will appear in colored text that stands out like this. When clicked, our online readers will be directed to other companies' websites. 

Each time an affiliate link is clicked and leads to a purchase, we receive a commission for directing traffic to a partner website. The margins are small, but the compensation does influence where and how you see links on our posts. 

Put simply: If you make a purchase after clicking one of our links, we may earn a few dollars.  

Why Use Affiliate Links?

You may wonder if you can trust our recommendations based on our affiliate relationship. But before you write us off, let us explain why we have chosen the affiliate network route! 

Here are three reasons why we feel affiliate links are helpful on our site.  

1. They're Better Than Pop-Ups!

We’re committed to avoiding traditional ads. No one likes to be interrupted from reading an article by a pop-up. They’re spammy and distracting. We also avoid lining the sides of our articles with ads. The clutter is distracting and rarely relates to the topic of the post. 

Affiliate links are different. We aim to save time and help our readers by providing valuable link resources that they would actually be interested in.

Not interested in making a purchase? No problem. It's easy to skip past the highlighted links and continue reading the article.

2. They Help Keep Us Running

We are a business. In order to keep providing free and helpful blog content to our readers, we need to “keep the lights on” on our end.

Affiliate links are one way that we keep our blog running. The margins aren’t huge, but the small commissions are put back into generating new content about medical aesthetics marketing for our readers.  

3. They Add Real Value

We take our responsibility to our readers very seriously. Our aim is to provide the best content available on the web for every medical aesthetics topic. 

The same goes for our affiliate links. Instead of promoting some rinky-dink company no one has ever heard of, we are conscientious with our links. We try to only link companies we trust and have worked with. 

We also aim to highlight multiple options in a comparison format to help our readers make informed decisions. You can expect our links to be accompanied by descriptions detailing each choice's pros and cons. For example, in our BOTOX training page, our goal was to compile the most comprehensive list of training options to help interested nurses and doctors determine the best course for them. 

*Note: Not all our links are affiliate links. We often pass on non-affiliated resources that we have found helpful in our years of medical aesthetics marketing. Look out for our disclaimers when affiliate links are on a post.

Our Commitment to You

So yes, our website does contain affiliate links. These links help our business to continue to run smoothly and add valuable content to our readers. We promise to keep providing quality resources (including links) regarding medical aesthetics marketing.