OBGYN Marketing
Your Guide to Growing Your Practice with Effective OBGYN Online Marketing
OBGYN Marketing

OBGYN offices offer a number of necessary, in demand, and competitive services for women everywhere. Your practice can offer everything from prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal services as well as routine women’s healthcare treatments and checkups (all of which are services in high demand). In order to offer these services to your patients, you first need to find them- this is where a strategic OBGYN marketing campaign comes in to play.

The good news for your practice is that the demand for women’s healthcare services in the US is expected to grow by 6% within the next year alone. When it comes to choosing an OBGYN, patients are likely to spend a considerable amount of time doing research and choosing a provider, as the services you provide require that your patients feel great trust and care with you. It is crucial that you stand out from your local competition by reaching out and being visible via all of your marketing channels, both in-house and digitally.

In this guide we will discuss how to make your practice stand out and increase the number of patients you see and retain.

OBGYN marketing can help your practice thrive and grow
In-House Marketing Efforts

The cornerstone of your OBGYN marketing efforts should always be your practice. This begins with creating a positive experience for your patients which will lead to more patient retention and referrals. Satisfied patients will also lead to more online reviews, which will help increase your digital presence and online reputation.

It is crucial that the entirety of your staff can answer questions for patients and are a part of your marketing efforts through avenues like patient outreach and education. Throughout your office, you should provide marketing materials that give patients immediate access to learn more about the services you provide and what you can offer them.

Furthermore, your staff should be an integral part in patient outreach, such as regularly calling patients you have seen reminding them of things like annual appointments to ensure patient retention. Always remember the importance of response time- patients and leads get the message they are top priority with prompt responses. Regardless of what services you are providing, every appointment is an opportunity for you to offer your patients the most comprehensive care and services that your practice extends.

OBGYN Online Marketing

Did you know that 91% of patients report that online communities play a role in their healthcare decisions? This is why it is imperative that your practice is visible and prominent throughout all of your

You can gain immediate visibility by engaging in a PPC campaign, that will give your practice visibility in your area for the keywords your patients search for most like “OBGYN,” “pregnancy doctor,” “well woman exam,” “STD testing,” “menopause treatment” and more. A well-executed PPC campaign will ensure that you are the first practitioner patients see when they search for providers in your area and is a great way to get calls and bookings right away.

While a PPC campaign can give your practice immediate visibility, it is also important to optimize your website with proven SEO practices to make sure you rank high and you are accessible to potential patients. You can do this by optimizing pages for key services you provide within your area. For example, if you were marketing in the Chicago area you would want to have a page optimized for “OBGYN Chicago.”

Another great way to increase the way your website ranks on popular search engines like Google is to have a blog on your site. This can be an area where you answer common patient questions and concerns and interact with both your current and potential patients.

Having a strong OBGYN online marketing presence can make all the difference in how your practice performs against your local competition.

Patient Outreach

In addition to your staff reaching out to patients by following up with phone calls, it is also extremely beneficial to engage in patient outreach through channels like text or email marketing.

Both channels can give you the opportunity to reach out to patients to provide reminders, inform them of any new services you are offering, and provide them with helpful information regarding potential questions about the services your practice provides.

A text marketing campaign is ideal for reminders and special offers. An email campaign can dive deeper into educational topics as well as help introduce your staff and services.

Utilizing these channels will also help keep you at the forefront of your patient’s mind, making them more likely to return in the future for additional treatments and services.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Marketing and Your Practice

See your practice reach its potential by investing more in your marketing efforts.

By evaluating where your practice is and where you want to be, we can create a customized marketing campaign for you that utilizes your current clientele, website optimization, advertising, social media, and patient outreach. With this multi-pronged approach, your practice will see a marked increase in patient retention and acquisition of new patients flowing through your doors.