Dental Marketing
Your Guide to Generating More Patients to Your Dental Practice

We place a great emphasis on creating helpful and seamless transactions between businesses and their potential clients. Our goal during any consultation is to educate Doctors, Dentists, and Physicians on the steps necessary to begin their ongoing online presence. We say, “Ongoing,” because the online world is constantly updating. In order to stay at the top, we have to continually improve. You can rely on us to continuously improve your business marketing across digital and offline channels.

Dental Internet Marketing

The biggest part of successful online marketing is being present when it matters. This means giving a potential client the information and resources necessary to make a decision. The days where print ads where the sole resource of a new business are over. The internet has changed how people search, research, and shop. More and more people are connected to their mobile devices. With a single click of a button they can search for the top dentist locally within a driving distance. Their options for choosing you as their dentist depends on the next steps of researching your business.

Dental Website Marketing

Once a search is completed, a shopper will often times click on the top website that ranks first on any given search engine, (Google, Yahoo, Bing). To compete for this top spot as a dentist facility, your website, content, and images must be optimized. Don’t get lost in aiming for a visually pleasing website, but focus on laying a solid site foundation that will back up your dentistry business efforts.

Dental Yelp Marketing

All shoppers shop differently and our goal along with yours is to make sure you are available across all platforms, including YELP. Yelp single handedly drives more visitors to your business, especially when you have good reviews. These reviews are usually displayed when your business is searched. You have the ability to take advantage of using that Yelp profile to showcase customer experiences in your facility. We help claim your business, optimize searches, advertise, and track Yelp activity to keep all your efforts to a minimum.

Dental Google Local Marketing

It is incredible how much of your business awareness relies on your business being on maps. Google Local is a combination of claiming your business on Google and setting up a business profile. This is yet another excellent way to optimize your business to be found on searches. Google Local provides a way for your business location and reviews to be displayed all at once.

Dental SEO Marketing

Dental SEO Marketing is the main component of your website. You need the proper content, keywords, and meta tags in order for a search engine to promote your site when people are searching within the Dentist industry. There are many ways people can come across your site. They could have searched for a dentist in their city or they could have searched for a specific procedure. Your site should include a variety of topics relating to your services.

Dental PPC Marketing

The fastest way to ensure your business is present on the first page for any of the dentistry procedures you provide is with Paid per Click campaigns. The reason why PPC has gained such momentum is by because of the ability to only purchase an ad when a person shows interest and clicks. This type of advertising provides you with the ability to attract customers when they specifically need of a dentist. Detailed reports of keyword performance and demand are provided in a given market.

Dental Social Media Marketing

The creation of attention-grabbing information is at its peak. You probably don’t have the time to create engaging content, much less take the time to explore how each social media platform must deliver content to attract likes, followers, and even subtweets. You may even think that there is no use in social media. The truth is, you can never be too sure when a potential client can come across a witty post or an informative infographic on the health of their smile. Social media takes time and planning. We are able to help you set up and maintain the highest ranked, most engaging platforms like, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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