Grand Opening Medical Spa: 3 Marketing Tips You Should Read

March 25, 2020

Grand Opening Medical Spa days can be stressful and exciting. What should you do to bring patients through the door now that you're finally ready to? Opening a medical spa is quite a challenge. With about a million things to do as you open your spa, how and when do you have time to start advertising your spa?

There are a few things you must do before opening your spa. We'll go over these so you can have an online presence from the start. Before you do this, make sure you've taken 5 to 10 photos of your medical spa.

#1 Google Local - You want to create a Google Places account for your medical spa. This can be done in as little as 15 minutes, but we highly recommend you take at least an hour in doing so. You'll need to have a batch of images of your medical spa so you can post them on the profile. Anyone with a smartphone can easily take some pictures that will give customers a peek at the spa. Also, include medical spa hours, forms of payment and any aesthetic treatments you offer.Don't speed through it. About 60% of searchers online start at Google. You want to make sure they find you and that your Google Local listing looks fabulous! Just as much as you care of about the aesthetics of your spa, you should devote that much time and effort towards your listings online.

#2 Yelp - Yes, it must be done. Yelp continues to be a powerhouse in local listings and your medical spa needs to be on there. Customers use Yelp for just about everything and your medical spa needs to be fully represented. You don't need to pay the membership price but you need to make sure you own your listing. Take the time to make sure the information on Yelp is accurate. We'll talk about about getting reviews later. Look at the listings below on Yelp for "medical spa" in Pasadena, CA. Look at the images alongside the results of each spa! In this case Bellanza Med Spa has not added an image and thus is less appealing to customers.

#3 Yellow Pages - Yes, I'm serious. The Yellow Pages have free business listings that will help your site not only get listed on the Yellow Pages but will also help with search engine optimization and help getting your site ranked sooner. List everything you know about the business and you generally will get a free link back to your website.

#4 JOY MD - A new platform that helps people find medical, aesthetic and wellness providers.

#5 Facebook

#6 Real Self

#7 Instagram

#7 Aedit

#8 Apple Map Listing

These things are all free and can be done within a couple of hours. Take the time and do it right. Also, make sure to keep your log ins in a safe place in case you end up hiring someone for marketing. The faster you claim your profiles and point them to your website, the sooner indexing on search engines can occur.

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