BOTOX and Break-Ups

While we know that Botox helps relax wrinkles and smooth out the overall look of the skin, a new use for Botox is to overcome depression. There is a growing trend among women to use these anti-aging injections to overcome breakups.As these treatments gain popularity across medical spas everywhere, more women are interested in investing in their looks. The common cure for a breakup used to be cake and ice cream, but it seems that these indulging habits are being replaced by ones that improve appearance.A recent study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports that patients treated with Botox specifically around frown areas, showed an improvement on their emotional condition. The inability to frown prevents the brain from receiving those negative messages leaving a person in a happier mood.

Besides the emotional pick-me-up, women are looking for ways to improve their looks to gain their confidence back after a failed relationship. These small boosts in self-esteem really do the trick in helping women get over the breakup blues. If they look better, they feel better, and are ready to move on to new things.Understanding your patients’ needs will improve the way you interact with them and retain their business. Get to know your clients, feel free to ask them their motives and the results they want. Clients rely on your expertise to improve their appearance, so be honest! Make each customer feel like they have a personal appearance consultant. Don't focus all of your energy into booking appointments, invest your time turning new business into long-term clients.