The competition for first place in fat reducing technology gets tight as SculpSure™ gets approved to be released in the US market. SculpSure™ is a whole new approach to non-invasive lipolysis using a hyperthermic laser. This new laser technology makes fat reduction safe, effective, and much faster than other treatments.SculpSure™ is a hands-free device with a flexible applicator to treat multiple areas of the body. This laser can treat one area within 25 minutes with no downtime or surgical procedures. Until now the most advanced laser sculpting procedures were invasive and required downtime before the patient was able to return to normal activities. With this new advancement Cynosure can compete head on with competing cooling technologies that freeze fat away. In the lab SculpSure’s performance results proved a significant reduction of adipose tissue 12 weeks after patients underwent treatment. Non-invasive procedures do not come with immediate results, but the important observation will be the difference in fat loss between a freeze treatment and a laser procedure.Cynosure states that due to the many advantages and benefits of SculpSure™ it can be obtained at an affordable price compared to all other non-invasive lipolysis treatment technologies. The lower cost for practitioners means they can offer better prices to reach more customers. The main factor in introducing these procedures to a larger audience is price point.The next thing to keep watch for is the set release date for SculpSure™ and its ability to break ground in a highly competitive market. Tell us what you think, will laser replace the freeze craze? Or will just become another product with no demand?