Lip Injections Are Rising in Demand

Lip injections used to be taboo but  lip injections have begun to gain in popularity as more and more celebrities post selfies of their new lips. For some, it's becoming the new BOTOX as a soon-to-be very common procedure.To get Prinyanka Chopra's lips, women are happy to try lip fillers to get the lips they want. Many women say they are cursed with a thin upper lip that they try so desperately to thicken and plump with over the counter products.

Many of them are starting to learn how celebrities get these lips and are discovering fillers.If your facility offers fillers, aim to educate your new and existing customers. Always make them aware of the possible side effects and always share before and afters.Many women are terrified of getting duck lips based on horror images found on the web from various stars like Lindsey Lohan.Get the word out if you are offering lip injections. Communicate to your customers via email and social media if they are following that you offer them. Take advantage of the growing popularity of lip injections!