Medical Spa Holidays can be stressful or profitable. As the holidays approach, it's a great idea to re-group and make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to drive the maximum amount of revenue during this season.This is the time when people want to look their best and actively reach out to their favorite place to go to make that happen.We've put together a few ideas to capitalize on the holiday business boom.Your Existing ClientsReaching out to your existing clients can be the easiest thing you can do this holiday to generate more revenue. Reward them with a special event or value adds for visiting you this holiday season.An easy way is to communicate via a timely email blast but don't be afraid to pick up the phone. You don't have to sound like a salesperson over the phone. It can just be a friendly reminder that as they get ready for that holiday party or event, that you have extended business hours or are offering a special promotion for existing clients only. Don't be afraid to ask to schedule a treatment.Bundles & PromotionsWhile discounting is always an option during the holiday season, you should prefer to offer promotions on bundles of services and treatments. Facial treatments are most popular during the holiday season so ideas such as bundling peels and facials or BOTOX and fillers can go a long way in bringing in new or existing clients. Offering a small gift can make new clients and existing ones feel special!Your StaffThe holidays are hectic. We all have a lot going on with families and friends and your employees are the same. You want to keep them in a joyful mood as they'll reflect that to your clients! Treats, gift cards and simple thank yous go a long way!