Your Medical Spa Staff is the Key Driver to Bringing In More Patients

Medical spa staff members play a key role in bringing more patients through your doors. Your medical spa has beautiful décor, a fancy-looking website, and highly skilled doctors and technicians. But that one person who is usually the first person your clients come in contact with--your receptionist--might be pushing them away. Receptionists play a very important role in your medical spa. Their presence, whether it’s on the telephone or in-person, can either bring potential clients in, or discourage them from making an appointment (even if it’s a free consultation)! With that being said, let’s talk about how your receptionist should play their role and be an effective player in your medical spa, dermatology center or surgical center.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Receptionists are usually juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, all while the phones are ringing off the hook. Although it may be tough to answer the phones on the first or second ring, it’s not good to keep people waiting for more than 30 seconds (it’s longer than it sounds). Phones should be the priority most of the time. Papers can wait, people shouldn’t.

Patience with Patients

Your receptionist will get all sorts of questions thrown at them. While some of them may seem like common sense, your receptionist should always keep in mind that no question is a stupid question. Every question should be answered politely and correctly.

Positive Attitude

Intuition varies from one person to another, but almost everyone can sense attitudes and vibes (both good and bad). Your receptionist is your med spa's first introduction to your clients, and first impressions count. No one wants to be greeted by a bad attitude. The client will be able to pick up negativity from the tone of your receptionist’s voice, and once that happens, that client is as good as gone. Your clients are calling or walking into a med spa, so they should feel relaxed and at ease as soon as they speak with your receptionist.

You Got the Look

Your receptionist need not look like a supermodel, but he/she does have to look presentable. They at least should have basic hygiene down, and their image should reflect the values of your med spa. Remember, your receptionist is the first contact you have with your clients.

Knowledge is Power

Your clients will have questions and, unless you provide a direct line to your medical staff, your receptionist will be the one providing the answers. Make sure that your receptionist is properly informed with the answers to the typical questions your med spa would get. These will include knowledge about specific procedures and treatments, as well as drugs and technology used in your med spa. Check to ensure that your receptionist’s answers are up-to-date, and if he/she doesn’t know the answer, the standard response should be “I will find out and let you know as soon as possible.” Make sure your staff can adequately answer all questions related to every aesthetic treatment or procedure you have. The more knowledgeable they are, the more likely the patient will visit for a treatment or consultation. When all is said and done, your receptionist should be treating each patient like they are the most important person of the day.