YouTube Marketing for Aesthetics

YouTube Video Marketing can engage patients, bringing more leads and more profit to your door. I speak to new clients everyday that ask me what other facilities are doing nationwide to promote their medical spa, surgical center or dermatology clinic. One of the biggest misses that you're probably not using to the fullest extent is YouTube.If you haven't already investigated, running TV ads is one of the most expensive types of advertising you can buy for your aesthetic facility. You have grand visions of seeing your facility advertised to thousands of people in your market and a huge influx of new business. However, most facilities simply don't have the budget to run a TV commercial.

YouTube is the number one source for online videos and allows you to tap into this amazing channel without having to spend thousands of dollars. It can help you generate awareness for the launch of your new medical spa, your surgical efforts or your expertise for a medical treatment.If you can afford it, we recommend hiring a professional company to produce your video. However, be creative and try to develop some ideas that will engage your customers.