An expansive menu of services.

Generally, an aesthetics practice with a large menu of services will see the best results from our program. A mixture of injectables, laser, body, health and wellness services enables us to market your aesthetics practice effectively. Bonus if your practice offers advanced procedures such as under eye filler and non surgical nose jobs.

Ideally more than 1,000+ contacts.

The more eyes on our creative, the better. A mixture of amount and quality of contacts will translate to more online sales. Most practices start in the neighborhood of 1,000 contacts. Below that and we'll need to launch a database growth campaign via paid media ads along side our program. These do require an additional investment.

Emphasis on retention.

Retention can help you scale and grow your med spa versus focusing on the quick overturn of new clients to your aesthetics practice. Knowing the value of retaining a patient over years is a great start.

Medical grade treatments and machines.

You don't fool around with off-market or second rate devices. You bring your patients the best because you want the best for your patients.

1st patient visit is the same as 2nd.

You value and treat all patients, new and existing with the same level of care and appreciation the day they first walked into the practice.

Care about making aesthetics affordable to middle income demographics.

Aesthetics demand is growing in all aspects of demographics. You want to play a role in expanding the availability of aesthetic treatments to a larger set of demographics.

Flexible, test and learn approach to sales, design and marketing your aesthetics practice.

You're willing to bend with new designs, messaging and offers. You're not stuck on your kids logo that they designed for you. You let the experts you've hired flex their expertise and trust the process.

Limited team resources.

Our programs are hands on and require a great deal of execution from our teams across web development, expert designers, marketers, strategists and copywriters.

Our ideal clients are practices that do not have full time marketers, designers and someone driving strategy or at least a full time marketer designated to growing sales at the practice.

In this case, the value is even greater as our program does not require the investment of hiring a top tier marketer, designer or strategist.

Sounds like your aesthetics practice is a good fit?

Speak with our team to learn about our online sales and marketing program and how it can help you earn up to $17,500 in your first month in incremental sales.

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