The 10 Year Challenge Is Taking Over Social Media

The #10yearchallenge is everywhere on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and many celebrities have been fast to jump on the trend to show what a decade can do.  The challenge involves users posting a picture of themselves ten years ago versus now. While the posts have ranged from funny to dramatic, there is one thing that the #10yearchallenge truly showcases: the power of aesthetic treatment. Many stars who have jumped on the challenge have posted pictures that make it appear they haven't aged a day in 10 years, and some even look younger.It's no secret that some of Hollywood's most elite are big fans of aesthetic treatments like injectables or surgical treatments, as more and more stars have opened up about the work they have had done and promoted providers. The #10yearchallenge shows just how powerful both preventative and traditional treatment can be, while still leaving stars with a natural look that has their fans wondering "what's their secret?". Here are some of our favorite celebrity posts from the #10yearchallenge that truly showcase the power of aesthetic treatment:

Lori Loughlin In the past ten years, Lori Loughlin looks like she hasn't aged a day.

Jennifer Lopez For being almost 50, this mother of two seems to defy the aging process. While Lopez hasn't been upfront about any aesthetic treatments, aesthetic professionals that the singer and actress has maintained her stunning looks through different treatments like fillers and BOTOX.

Kelly Rippa Not holding back about what she does to keep her youthful looks, Kelly Ripa has been upfront about her BOTOX even claiming the treatment has "changed her life."

Nicki Minaj While the chart-topping singer hasn't been open about any procedures, this comparison shows a massive difference in Minaj's body and facial structure, which is whythat she has had work done.h

The #10yearchallenge and Aesthetics

These are just a few of our favorites from the #10yearchallenge that show the power of aesthetic treatments. Leave us your favorites in the comments and tell us what you think of the #10yearchallenge!