We've heard it before. Often it's the first thing we hear when speaking with a prospective practice about ranking on Google.

Some don't even want to hear it. They say it's simply too darn competitive. How can my medical aesthetic practice rank on Google? The mountain seems to hard to climb. And thus many medical practices never begin to invest in SEO.

Huge mistake.

You don't start off with full retirement fund right? SEO is the same - and it needs investment to grow into something you can count on for your practice.

Content, images and a quality site structure are all things that are needed to rank well.

In most cases, not much heavy lifting is required - however, it is knowing where to start with SEO.

That's where most practices go wrong. There is no ryhme or reason as to what they are doing.

We recommend before you start.

Check who is ranking for the aesthetic or medical treatments you want to rank for.

Outline which keywords are important to you. (Not all can have the same priority).

Identify which pages are missing on your medical aesthetic website.

Run a speed test on your site to see if there are any major issues that you'll want to address first.

If deciding to choose an SEO company for your medical aesthetic practice, make sure you choose one that has a track record of delivering rankings for medical practices.

Most practices don't start because they think it's impossible. Don't think that way, start off with a page or two and pour everything you know about the medical treatment on that page. In the end, Google rewards quality and wants to provide their users with the most helpful information for that treatment or procedure. Keep that in mind as you create or edit content on your medical aesthetic website.