Introducing Juvapen! The 'pen' itself is small and rectangular, not much bigger than a matchbox with a side panel where the doctor presses the appropriate button to determine exactly what quantity to inject. This device is then attached to the barrel of a syringe and needle, but rather than injecting by hand, the doctor will touch a lever and a small motor whirs as it drives a precise amount of Botox® into the skin.Trials show it brings the accuracy of the dose to within 2% of what was intended, as opposed to 50% if the needle is held in the old 'freestyle' way. In real terms, it's the difference between a hard, immobile face and a soft, natural look.Bernard-Pierre LaGrand, CEO of the Swiss company that makes the Juvapen, says his company's pen makes it easier to teach beginners how to inject Botox but insists 'It just makes it faster and more accurate. It allows the less experienced to do a good job.'What do you think? Will the Juvapen be a new way to administer Botox®?