On January 28, Allergan announced its newest campaign for BOTOX Cosmetic. The "Own Your Look Campaign" is directed towards a younger group, specifically millenials and Generation X, as the demand for aesthetic treatments among younger patients has been increasingly in demand. The campaign addresses this demand and delivers a fresh, modern look to appeal to a younger patient base, including a video featuring younger patients and a logo change. The campaign also seeks to address common misconceptions about the injectable treatment. Similar to their JUVÉDERM IT campaign, launched in October of 2018, Allergan appears to be switching to a more modern approach to their marketing to appeal to a wider variety of consumers.Carrie Strom, Allergan's Senior Vice President, remarks that the campaign is also in response to a growing number of Americans who are considering aesthetic treatments saying that, "The 'Own Your Look' campaign addresses this head-on, by showcasing real BOTOX® Cosmetic users in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and their authentic facial expressions in response to all sorts of life events. Our goal is to let consumers know that BOTOX® Cosmetic delivers subtle results – so they can look like themselves, just with fewer lines."Despite already being the most popular cosmetic treatment of its kind, Allergan seems to want to push their product lines to new levels by targetting new groups of patients and capitalizing on the growing trend of aesthetics treatments. How this will effect practices is up for debate, but there is no doubt that minimally invasive treatments are on the rise, with treatments like BOTOX seeing an 816% rise since 2000."As the category leader who created this market, it's our job to continue to educate consumers about their aesthetic choices," Strom says. "Millennial consumers are curious about BOTOX® Cosmetic, and this new campaign will modernize the iconic brand to appeal to this generation and empower them to own their look with BOTOX"