Aesthetics is one of the fastest growing industries, with a projected growth rate of over 10% by 2023. With so many providers available to patients, it can often feel hard to rise above the competition and increase the number of patients you are seeing in your practice. Whether you are trying to increase calls for your medical spa, plastic surgery center, or medical facility, many practices make the same mistake when it comes to trying to increase call volume the right way. If you want to see an increase in patient acquisition and retention, it is important that you are making the right efforts to get potential and prior patients on the phone. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes practices make when it comes to increasing the number of inbound calls they receive, and what your practice can do to make the most of your marketing efforts (and get your phones ringing!).

Increasing New Patient Acquisition

How do you get new patients to call your practice? Patients will often start online when looking for a new provider, so it is important that your digital channels have an immediate call-to-action that connects potential patients to your practice right away. This can include your practice’s phone number, a consultation form, or email sign-up list. If a patient fills out a form or consultation request on your website, be sure that your staff follows up as soon as possible. The industry is competitive and patients are often looking at multiple providers, so it is crucial that you reach your potential patient first.

Patient Outreach

Are you reaching out to your patients on a consistent basis? One of the most common mistakes practices make is not reaching out to patients via digital channels like email or text messaging. Channels like email and text put you in direct contact with the patient, and when used the right way, can increase the amount of calls and consultations your practice sees. Be sure to reach out to both current and potential patients through these channels, because doing so will keep you at the forefront of the patient’s mind.

Utilizing Digital Channels

In order to increase calls, it is crucial that you are prominent on all digital channels. This means 2 things: (1) your website should be ranking on the first page of Google and (2) you should be prominent on common social media platforms that patients look to for finding a provider, like Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to use these channels to drive calls by making your practice’s phone number prominent and accessible for consumers.

Educate Your Staff

Once you see an increase in call volume, it is crucial that your staff is educated about the services you are offering. They must be able to answer the most common questions and concerns patients have before booking a consultation. The patient journey often starts online, but the first call a potential patient makes to your practice establishes a precedence for your practice. Your staff’s number one goal should be turning phone calls into consultations.