Email Marketing Drives New and Returning Patients Back to Your Medical Spa

Email marketing often slips the minds of business owners who put a heavier focus on other avenues of marketing. Website—check. Sign-up form—check. And then what? Your med spa’s website most likely has a form where potential clients can provide their name and a means to contact them (like an email address).

When they sign up, the form collects the information and generates a list of names and email addresses. Now, what is your med spa doing with that list? If all you’re doing is using that list to manually send an email every now and then, then you’re definitely missing out on some conversion possibilities.

A powerful marketing tool called Drip Marketing is something that you should be utilizing. Drip Marketing (aka Drip Emails) is an automated email campaign strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. A typical drip campaign can be 3-5 emails sent over a course of a few weeks. As an example, the first one could be a “thank you for signing up” email that includes a little blurb about your med spa. The next one, sent a few days later, can be an informative one about the product or service the client inquired about.

The next one, maybe about a week later, can be another informative one highlighting another set of features of the product or service. Your last email should include a “call to action,” and that’s when you want the client to take action and book that appointment with your med spa. Drip marketing campaigns have different types and intentions. Some are designed to keep your business on the minds of your potential clients (AKA top-of-mind emails). Some are designed to win back the interest of your leads that went cold (AKA re-engagement drips).

A popular way to use drip campaigns is to entice prospects with limited-run promotions and special pricing offers (promotional drips). Whichever style you use, a drip email campaign is a great strategy for your med spa to adopt in order to get more clients. Be careful with your campaign’s execution. Drip emails can be abused, or at least appear that way to the recipients. First, make sure that you ask the client to consent to getting emails from your med spa in the future. This can be done by having a checkbox on your forms that says something like “I’d like to receive more information from this med spa.” Next, keep your emails from looking like spam to the eyes of your client AND the email filtering program.

You can accomplish this by not overusing certain phrases like “as seen on” and “best price.” The color red and excessive usage of the exclamation point are also ways your email can be sent to the junk folder, so minimize those, or avoid them altogether. There are many software programs that can help you with your drip email campaigns. Infusionsoft, MailChimp, and SendGrid are just a few of those programs. How you choose the right one for your med spa will depend on a few factors, such as how it interfaces with your current systems, ease of use, and of course, cost. Whichever program you choose, a well-executed drip email campaign will surely bring more clients to your med spa’s door.