As we all know, social media is a great place for doctors to engage with their patients or potential patients. The most popular platforms being Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But is Snapchat the next big thing?Dr. Schulman, a plastic surgeon from New York City started using Snapchat about a year ago. "I was always looking for a way to broadcast my surgeries and get it out there, and interact with patients and future patients," Schulman says.Business Insider reported on another plastic surgeon, Dr. Salzhauer, popularly known as Dr. Miami. He says that the social media allows him to express his creativity, to reach out to patients, and to connect with them on a human level.Broadcasting these surgeries live may not be for every plastic surgeon, but for doctors Schulman and Salzhauer, Snapchat is a fun way of connecting with their patients and possibly gaining new patients!What do you think? Will Snapchat gain more popularity in the plastic surgery world?