Start Marketing CoolSculpting Strategically to Get Results

Zeltiq's CoolSculpting is now one of the hottest fat-reducing treatments. Have you just acquired Zeltiq's CoolSculpting machine? Has it been delivered to your facility and have you and your staff been trained on the treatment? Now that you are ready to start generating more revenue to your facility there are several different ways you can promote Coolsculpting.As one of the leading digital marketing companies for aesthetics, we speak to many facilities that are effectively marketing Coolsculpting to new and existing customers.The good news is that Zeltiq has done an amazing job of generating awareness for CoolSculpting and that there is instant demand in all markets. They have done coverage on various nationwide television shows in addition to countless print coverage. Now all you have to do is a little bit of ground work.

#1 Marketing Coolsculpting to Your Existing Client Base

The easiest way to generate instant revenue is to market to your existing client base. This happens in both on the offline and online world.  A great start to letting your existing customer client base is through email and social media marketing. Start by sending out an email to your existing client base.Another great option is to let your followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter know that you now have Coolsculpting available at your facility. Be careful not to post a hard sell. Engagement in the form of likes can be a good start.

#2 Marketing Coolsculpting to Your Local Market

This is where the real work begins right? The good news is that there is always a strong demand for a fat loss treatment that is non-surgical and that works. Getting the word out can be done several ways. We have seen facilities have success with print advertising. It must be targeted and stand out with a punch. Local flyers, inserts and local coupon books can work great if done right.A local person to person marketing is also a great way to get the word out about CoolSculpting. A booth at a local bridal show or partnering at a local high end gym can do wonders to get the word out. Don't be so focused on the hard sell. Create and launch an event where you can invite several people. A lot of our clients have held these events and have been rewarded with revenue on the day of the event.We will be putting together a more complete guide on how to effectively market CoolSculpting in your market soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and stay tuned. Remember, to always check with your Zeltiq representative that all your Coolsculpting marketing is approved by Zeltiq.