Demand based advertising is something you need to know about. There are a lot of options facilities have when looking to drive new customers through the door. We have spoken to facilities that have tried local television ads, newspapers, billboards and flyers but have seen limited success. The reason you may see limited success is because you are attempting to stir interest either with the benefit of the treatment, the procedure or with its price. The people that see these ads either by driving by a billboard or reading it on a flyer have no initial intent to seek out your services.On the other hand, you have online marketing. When done right it can be the most effective marketing channel available. There are three online marketing channels that we specialize in. Instead of talking about the channels, let's discuss the mode the person is in.

Searching : This person is actively looking for and researching a treatment or procedure. They are also in your local market! Isn't this the person that you are looking for? Search allows you to reach this customer at the MOST important moment. Don't miss out on this opportunity. They are already halfway to you.

Digital Video : The main video platform we use is YouTube. Did you know people use YouTube to learn more about treatments and procedures? They watch videos on everything from BOTOX Injections to Laser Hair Removal and much more.

Rating & Review Portals : Love them or hate them. Local review sites like Yelp! can drive local customers to your facility. Whether you are rated or not, we can list you on these sites ONLY when people search for specific treatments and procedures. Don't miss your opportunity to talk to these people.Stop missing out on these customers. Right now,  someone is on Google searching for botox, laser hair removal, weight loss, wrinkle injections, skin tightening and much more. You don't need to miss out on these opportunities.