Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

Mobile Device Optimization continues to be a necessity for your marketing campaign, as people are always on their smartphones these days. Smartphones (and mobile devices in general) have gotten a lot better compared to what came out just a few years ago. Faster processing speed, higher definition screens, and better internet connectivity make mobile devices the go-to options for people who want to go online. They may not beat the overall computing power of a desktop or laptop, but a mobile device’s convenience trumps all other potential benefits. People want convenience, and that’s where mobile devices win out. What does that mean for your med spa? It means that mobile devices should be the primary platform in mind when designing your med spa’s website. Here are some numbers taken from a Pew Research Center survey done just in 2019:

  • Since 2009, smartphone users who go online using their device has doubled
  • On average, 70% or people from 19 to 64 use their smartphones to go online
  • The smartphone is the primary internet device for those with lower incomes

There was even a prediction by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins who reviews technology trends annually. She claimed: “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014." Mobile devices have certainly overtaken computer usage, so are you ready to get onboard? If so, there's good news - optimizing your website for mobile device viewing is not that difficult. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Text should be very legible (and spelled correctly), with the right amount of contrast between the words and the background. Don’t make your clients have to strain their eyes.
  • Multimedia is great, especially before-and-after photos, but don’t abuse them. Keep them small enough for easy loading. Your client’s web experience should have minimal waiting from pictures loading or videos buffering.
  • Signing up for a consultation with your med spa should be effortless, so make sure that the form in your website is easy to find and easy to fill out. It’ll be a shame if the signup process is incomplete just because your potential client found it cumbersome.
  • Design your website so that the layout flows vertically. Vertical scrolling is the common way people browse a website. Side scrolling doesn’t look pretty or intuitive when on a mobile device. If there’s information on your website that can only be viewed by side scrolling, your potential client might not realize to look for it that way and miss it entirely.
  • Your list or treatments and procedures should be easily accessible. Don’t bury it under too many clicks. Remember: the more your client clicks, the more they are likely to stop searching.

By keeping those design pointers in mind, your client’s online experience will be a pleasant one, and that will surely play a role in the client’s decision to use your medical spa.