A letter to the entrepreneurs that lead aesthetic practices

See below for our a brief message from our CEO

You’re battle tested. You’ve likely been through the pandemic running your aesthetics practice. You’ve likely been burned by marketing agencies and made many missteps with software, staff and product but you have found your groove. 

You know what it takes to run a profitable aesthetics practice. We are here to help and extend your journey. 

Marketing your aesthetics practice shouldn’t have to be difficult.  

Choosing the right marketing and growth partner should be easier. 

You’ve likely been burned by buying software’s that never get used or fail to live up to the hype. 

The truth is that the software, is only as good as the marketer behind it. 

Think about it.  

You can buy the most expensive text marketing software out there. If it’s not being used to its fullest extent, then it’s just an expense on your profit and loss statement.  

If the marketer behind it, isn’t creating eye-catching designs - then it’s not going to drive the return you’re expecting. Maybe even no return.

If the marketers behind the software, can’t articulate the benefits of an aesthetic treatment with breath taking designs and killer ad copy then it will not drive revenue anywhere near it's capabilities.  

Most software solutions promise a lot. Some can pan out if you have a strong marketing team behind it. Most practices cannot take on that expense or it’s hard to build the bridge to get there without heavy investment. Worst of all, turnover can prevent you from getting there. 

We are here to show you there is another way.

I invite you to schedule a call with our team to show you how we can help you drive new revenue from e-commerce.

“Don't delay. The quicker you start, the faster the first order arrives.”

Henry Camacho

Founder and CEO of Med Aesthetics Group

Aesthetic Practices earn an average of $15,500 in new revenue within their first 30 days of launching

Your patients are spammed by constant emails, texts, and ads from competing practices. Stop wasting money on marketing and give your patients an offer they can't refuse. We can have your practice earning an entirely new stream of revenue in as little as two weeks.

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A digital sales team that requires no extra staff, payroll, or hours. We market and sell treatments online for your aesthetics practice.

Don't lose patients and revenue with outdated marketing tactics. Make purchasing easier for your patients and get rewarded with more revenue and loyalty.

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